How To Bail On An ADV

Falling and crashing on an ADV, it happens, and sometimes cameras are involved.

It’s bound to happen on the trail. Expect to fall on an adventure bike off-road. Whether the terrain was a little too gnarly or whether it was because of rider error, you and I can definitely learn a few things after watching this video. 

Adventure rides are best done in packs, just in case you need to pick up your bike, get injured, or get stuck. While a lot of these videos are thankfully light-hearted, with most riders coming out of the crash scot-free, others are not so lucky or encountered difficulty without their buddies to help them. 

It’s always important to remember your own safety and remember how to bail on a motorcycle to avoid getting seriously injured. Apart from that, however, it’s also important to learn from your mistake or help out any rider in need of assistance. 

No hyperbolic commentary in this video, which is definitely appreciated. We are left to assess what happened and what went wrong. Rider experience, technique, and training play a big part in some of these crashes, and the bikes themselves are more often than not heavy, powerful, and tall. Some surfaces are more punishing than others as well, so there are a lot of experiences caught on camera for you to unpack. 

One particular video, if you can catch it, is of a GS rider who jumps over a small ledge with a bit of throttle. He does it and lands it, but he got a case of whiskey throttle. It happens, and it’s a good thing that emergency services were there to administer first aid after the fiasco. 

Apart from that, even the simplest of falls can result in serious injuries, whether it’s a simple tip-over or something as gnarly as slipping and sliding over river and creek crossings. Some of the videos detail the injuries sustained by the riders after their crashes, some of which did sent a chill or two down my spine. 

One of the other takeaways of this video is proper gear can definitely save you from serious injury. These adventure riders were all kitted out from head to toe with what I believe is a full set of motorcycle gear. From adventure suits to boots, to gloves, and even crash protection on their motorcycles. 

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