10 Things We Like About The Honda ADV 160

If there is anything more widespread than mackerel in the ocean, that would most likely be Honda scooters. The Japanese manufacturer has been one of the most influential motorcycle producers globally. Honda and their scooter lineup often ranks as the most purchased vehicle in several countries. In the USA, Honda scooters like the Silver Wing and Forza are famous for their performance as maxi-scooters. It is also true for their smaller ones like the Ruckus and PCX which are known for their affordability and practicality. In 2019, Honda released the first ADV 150 to the Asian market, eventually hitting the USA market sometime later.

The DNA of the updated ADV 160 comes from its bigger sister, the X-ADV 750 which is popular in the European market. The ADV 160 is capable of handling some mild off-road use, aside from the usual urban use of scooters. The bike also features a tall windshield for rider protection, and the engine is an improved version of the previous ADV 150 which is also powering the new PCX 160. The scooters and small bikes Honda manufacture have been dubbed as some of the most influential vehicles internationally, and we expect that trend to continue with the new Honda ADV 160.

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10 Affordable Price

2023 Honda ADV 160

Honda has been consistently selling all kinds of vehicle at low prices, especially scooters. Even their current lineup has one of the cheapest scooters money can buy at around $2,600. The ADV 160 is no exception, if you go to the official website, you can see that Honda has priced the ADV 160 at $4,499. Compared to the scooters with similar engine displacement from other well-known brands, the ADV 160 is a good deal more affordable. It is safe to say that the Honda ADV is also one of the best scooters for the money out there.

Honda ADV 160 price compared to several competitors

Yamaha XMAX


Vespa Sprint 150


Honda ADV 160


Honda PCX 160


9 Adventure Inspired Design

Honda X ADV

The current Honda ADV 160 has an overall shape of an urban scooter with a touch of bulky maxi-scooter design and a much smaller floor board. Instead, Honda put the fuel tank between your legs. This leaves the under seat section available for more storage. So far, the Honda ADV 160 seems to be a capable urban scooter. The adventure aspects can be seen from several parts of the scooter. Although a typical adventure bike, the adventure spirit is present in the scooter. The ground clearance is high enough at 6.5 inches and the handlebar is wide to support a relaxed riding position. The tires, although small, are wide and provide decent grip off-road. The ADV 160 and its previous version’s design are inspired by the Honda X-ADV (pictured).

8 Great Mileage

Red 2024 Honda ADV160 static profile shot

Typical scooter owners often brag about how they hardly ever visit a gas station. There is a peculiar pride regarding how thrifty a bike can be in this niche market. Commonly, motorcycles with bigger displacement hover around 40 to 80 MPG. Anything beyond 100 MPG is as frugal as anyone can get. The Honda ADV 160 excels on this aspect, Honda claims the scooter sips only 134 MPG. This low fuel consumption surely will catch the eyes of small bike enthusiasts. Although there are a lot of factors that determine fuel consumption, competitors will still have a hard time to match the ADV 160’s efficiency.

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7 Honda Reliability

2023 Honda ADV160 Scooter Third Quarter

Although Honda is the youngest company among the big four of Japanese manufacturers, their success is undeniable. No matter what country you are in, there is a great chance you can find a two-wheeler from them. A part of their success can be credited to the reliability of their bikes. Their reputation has led to the point that most people would associate Honda with durability. Through the years, Honda has been making motorcycles and scooters that are long-lasting and widely successful. Furthermore, they make sure their after-sales service is great too, for that reason, Honda is reliable both as a product and a manufacturer.

6 Larger Engine

Riders sitting on a pair of red 2024 Honda ADV160 scooters

Honda upgraded the ADV 150 which previously had a smaller engine. The most noticeable differences between the two engines is the number of valves they have. The previous Honda ADV 150 used a liquid-cooled single cylinder SOHC engine with only two valves, while the ADV 160 now has four valves. The upgrade bumps the amount of horsepower and torque the Honda ADV 160 is capable of producing. Although you may think the increase is measly for the smaller displacement Honda scooter, Honda made sure the fans feel the power difference by incorporating the Honda Selectable Torque Control Feature.

Honda ADV 150 and Honda ADV 160 engine comparison


Honda ADV 150

Honda ADV 160


149 cc

157 cc


Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 2 valves

Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4 valves


14.5 horsepower

16 horsepower


10.2 pound-feet

10.8 pound-feet

5 More Wind Protection

Honda ADV 160 windshield

The ADV 160 comes standard with a two-position windshield. There is no such thing as an adventure bike with no windshield. The ADV 160 incorporates this essential aspect of rider protection to give it the look and functionality of an actual adventure bike. The windshield is adjustable according to your preference. It is a minor feature but quite a nifty one. Even some budget adventure bikes only have fixed windshield and they sometimes sit at an awkward height that is either too low or too tall.

4 New Digital Display

Honda ADV 160 instrument cluster

The Honda ADV 160 now has a new TFT display that shows more information. The color contrast seems clear and highly visible even under the scorching sun. Honda understands that some riders are stats-freaks and need to know everything at once. At the bottom of the display, you can see indicators for ABS, smart key, and a coolant temperature warning light. At the top, there are indicators for HSTC, turn signals, high beam, and a low battery warning lamp. On the left side, it has a large fuel gauge, tachometer, and speedometer. On the right side, there are indicators for average fuel consumption, oil change alert, and the odometer. However, Honda keeps it simple and easy to read, unlike some motorcycles that overcomplicate things.

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3 Large Storage Capacity

Honda ADV 160

The ADV 160, although intended to appear adventure capable, is a scooter at its core. So, it needs to offer more than just fun and style, it also needs to have practical features. As is common for most scooters, the Honda ADV 160 has an under-seat storage compartment. Honda increased the storage capacity to 7.1 gal for this compartment. You can easily fit an extra full-face helmet along with other things like a raincoat, a toolbox, and other kits for any emergency fix you might need on the road. For quick access to your essentials, Honda provides 0.5 gal storage space upfront, complete with a 12-volt charging port.

2 Seat And Ergonomics

Honda ADV 160

Honda redesigned the seat of the ADV 160. The previous ADV 150 seat stands at 795 mm. Its seat is now shorter at 780 mm to make the bike more accessible for shorter riders. The redesigned seat is still wide enough to accommodate riders who are above six feet tall. Its width ensures riders of all sizes that they will fit just right. The seat design makes riding two-up a breeze too, the passenger section is more elevated, so they can see what is going on up ahead too.

1 Honda Selectable Torque Control Feature

Honda ADV 160

Honda equipped the ADV 160 with an advanced feature previously only available on their bigger bikes. The HSTC enables riders to better optimize the torque output at the real wheel. This feature, however, is only available on the ADV 160 ABS model, which is also available in the US. The feature functions as a safety measure to prevent the real wheel from slipping. Losing the rear wheel can be a frightening experience or even a fatal one. So, there is no need to worry when letting a complete beginner hop on the ADV 160.

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