Honda To Roll Out More Updates For The X-ADV in 2024

Honda’s going to update one of its most popular big scooters in the lineup. The X-ADV 750 will be new for the 2024 model year thanks to some minor updates. 

We wrote about Team Red’s update earlier this year. Honda has new colors for its 750cc-class adventure scooter in the lineup, however, Big H has more plans in the pipeline that’ll see the X-ADV’s form change ever so slightly.

The first big change includes the headlight which will change the look of the X-ADV. For 2024, the front fascia of the X-ADV will get a revision thanks to a new light cluster that’s moved to a lower position on the adventure scooter.

2024 Honda X-ADV updates

With a lower mount compared to the current model year, the X-ADV will also get three lights, your standard low and high beams, and a set of cornering lights that’ll illuminate the road ahead of you depending on your lean angle. Daytime Running Lights or DRLs are still a feature we can expect for the 2024 model year of the X-ADV. 

After that, it is off to the rear of the 2024 X-ADV. We will see a new exhaust for the adventure scooter, it will have a similar form to the SCL500, swooping up and turning almost 90 degrees out the tail of the scooter. 

2024 Honda X-ADV updates

The current model year of the X-ADV gets an exhaust that is pointed up. However, this new design will allow for a few things. First is the cornering clearance of the bike. With the muffler positioned up and out of the way, you can expect the clearance on the right side to be improved. Next is passenger accommodations. With the exhaust blowing gases out the back and not up at anything or anyone, the rear passenger can perhaps enjoy the ride a lot better. 

However, with the exhaust mounted so close to the rear seat of the motorcycle, Honda has opted to put a generous amount of heat insulation close to this area, similar in form to the SCL500. 

Apart from that, there are no updates to the engine. The dual-clutch gearbox makes a return for this bike, and the engine will still be the same 745cc 270-degree parallel twin that is currently on the X-ADV today. Currently, the X-ADV makes a grand total of 58.6 horsepower and 50 foot-pounds of torque and the engine is also paired with ride modes to tailor its performance depending on the conditions or the rider at the helm. 

The model updates are expected to come in the third quarter of 2024, along with a selection of new colors that’ll definitely breathe life into the lineup.

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