Acquisition of the German company ADV and

Villers-lès-Nancy, 23 November 2023 – 6:00 p.m. (CET)


Acquisition of the German company ADV
and creation of PHARMAGEST Germany

EQUASENS, in partnership with ARZ HAAN, a German market leader for services and software solutions for healthcare providers, acquires ADV (Apotheken Datenverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG), which becomes PHARMAGEST Germany, through a holding company 6%-held by ARZ HAAN and 94%-held by EQUASENS.

  • PHARMAGEST Germany will invest in developing technology and technical building blocks, as well as a sales network to reinforce ADV’s software offering.
  • This acquisition marks a new milestone in the deployment of the growth strategy of EQUASENS, already present in Germany in the medication compliance segment through its subsidiary that markets the MultiMeds pill dispenser and robot. EQUASENS is in this way strengthening its position in the German market in its core pharmacy business.

EQUASENS acquires ADV.

EQUASENS, a leading healthcare software publisher (Euronext Paris™ – Compartment A – ISIN: FR 0012882389 – Ticker: EQS) today announces the acquisition of 100% of the capital of AD Apotheken Datenverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG (ADV) in partnership with ARZ HAAN.

ADV, founded in 1986, specialises in IT and software solutions for pharmacies. As an independent software vendor, ADV is recognized in Germany for the quality and range of its offering, its customer-focused culture and its ability to adapt its solutions to changing market conditions.

ADV is the developer of the GAWIS business software solution which is based on proven, high-performance technologies offering a comprehensive range of modules and services: dispensing assistance, invoicing, order processing, business intelligence, etc. And in order to meet all needs of the German market, GAWIS is connected to an entire ecosystem of complementary solutions: self-service kiosks and digital shelves, dispensing robots and checkout kiosks. As a result, this software solution is perfectly adapted to the configuration of the German market and also to developments in the German healthcare sector, which, like other European markets, is currently engaged in a digital transformation.

ADV is also the developer of Optipharm pharmacy software, and OPTIPHARM PLUS GmbH, the publisher of this solution is a wholly-owned subsidiary. ADV has already equipped nearly 400 of Germany’s 17,500 pharmacies with its two software offerings, GAWIS and Optipharm, despite the absence of a sales team. As of 1 December 2023, ADV thus becomes PHARMAGEST Germany.

ADV’s Chief Operating Officer, Rupert SIERP, commented: “With the German healthcare system on the verge of major transformations, ADV is confronted with a number of complex challenges. With EQUASENS as its parent company, ADV will benefit from the support of a solid partner committed to promoting efficiencies in the pharmacy sector. Our existing teams will continue to support ADV and Optipharm users, just as they always have, while benefiting from the active support of EQUASENS’ specialists. In collaboration with EQUASENS, ADV will in this way continue to grow and develop innovative solutions for the German pharmacy market.

Creation of an EQUASENS Germany holding company in partnership with ARZ HAAN

With nine operating subsidiaries and around 1,000 employees at more than ten locations, ARZ HAAN AG is a leading provider of services to the German healthcare system. Through these specialised subsidiaries, the Group develops and markets innovative service solutions for the healthcare sector. Through its broad range of offerings, from software solutions to digital financing services, the Group supports healthcare professionals in performing their day-to-day activities. More than 17,000 customers, including 4,000 pharmacies, from 30 different professional groups put their trust in the performance and innovative strength of this group of companies.

Philipp Siebelt, spokesman for the ARZ HAAN Group, emphasised: “As an independent company with more than 50 years of service, supporting the core businesses of dispensing pharmacies is the heart of our strategy. The EQUASENS Germany joint venture will allow us to maintain our commitment to the long-term future of Germany’s pharmacies.”

A new milestone in the deployment of EQUASENS’ strategy in Germany,

The acquisition of ADV, the pharmacy software solutions specialist in Germany, in partnership with ARZ HAAN, a leading provider of services to healthcare professionals, inaugurates Equasens expansion into the German pharmacy management software market.

The contribution of its technologies, the patient-centred approach of its European software solutions and the Group’s and business development capabilities will enable PHARMAGEST Germany to become a significant player in this market over the next few years. “Our goal is to become one of the top three software publishers in Germany within the next 5 years by introducing a disruptive solution in a market where digital transformation is rapidly building momentum,” concluded Denis Supplisson, Chief Executive Officer of Equasens Group.

About Group Equasens

Founded more than 35 years ago, Equasens Group, which now has more than 1,200 employees in Europe, is the leading publisher of software solutions for the healthcare industry in terms of the diversity of its business applications and market share.

Equasens Group’s specialised business applications facilitate the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals and their teams, working in private practice, collaborative medical structures or healthcare establishments. The Group also provides comprehensive support to healthcare professionals in the transformation of their profession by developing electronic equipment, digital solutions and healthcare robotics, as well as financing and training adapted to their specific needs.

And reflecting the spirit of its tagline “more technology for more humanity”, the Group is a leading provider of interoperability solutions that improve coordination between healthcare professionals, their communications and data exchange resulting in better patient care and a more efficient healthcare system.

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