American Flat Track AdventureTrackers to Debut at Sturgis

American Flat Track is adding a new event, the Spirit of Sturgis TT, to take place in downtown Sturgis on August 11, 2024, the last Sunday of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Free for all to attend, this event is big news in and of itself. What really caught our eye, however, was the mention at the bottom of the press release about a new AdventureTrackers class.

This new category will introduce the latest production-based Adventure Bikes, providing the motorcycle industry with an opportunity to showcase the rapidly growing segment,” says the press release. “The new class aligns with the City of Sturgis’ tradition of embracing the future of motorcycling and has sparked considerable interest among manufacturers, leading to rumors of high-profile entries for the event.”

This formula reminds me of MotoAmerica’s addition of King of the Baggers, first as a one-off race, and now as a full-fledged series thanks to its overwhelmingly positive reception. Take some bigger, heavier bikes that more closely resemble what you and I ride, then put them on the track with limited modifications. I am all for it. I love King of the Baggers because those Harleys and Indians look ridiculous, in the best possible way, zipping around a track as quickly as they do. It’s also great marketing for those companies. The AdventureTrackers class could do the same for American Flat Track, and bring in a much wider variety of adventure bike manufacturers to compete.

AFT has held races at Sturgis before. I enjoyed watching one at the Buffalo Chip when I was there in 2019. The Spirit of Sturgis TT, however, is to be a half-mile paved and dirt course incorporating part of Main Street, with the start/finish line at the Harley-Davidson Rally Point. This harkens back to the early days of the rally itself, which revolved around a variety of races in and around town before becoming the cruiser cruise-in it’s known as today. Despite being known for the rally, Sturgis is also a great place for adventure riding, as I learned at Get On! ADV Fest earlier this year. The nearby Black Hills National Forest has beautiful gravel roads and trails suitable for all bikes and skill levels. All this makes Sturgis the perfect place to introduce the new AdventureTrackers class.

AFT says full details about the AdventureTrackers class will be announced “in the near future.” For now, we don’t know any more about it than its brief mention at the bottom of the Spirit of Sturgis TT press release. We’re looking forward to learning more and will keep you informed.

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