Inappropriate Moto Camping! / Hayabusa Explores The Desert

Well looky here. Matt Spears has got his hands on some Mosko Moto luggage and is taking his adventurized Suzuki Hayabusa moto-camping. As you might expect, chaos ensues… although it wasn’t a parts sale this time!

Our ‘Busa-riding buddy has found himself another rider to tackle an overnight camping trip in the deserts of Utah. Apparently he is determined to conquer Moab’s Hells Gate, and this time, he heads out on a 100-mile off-road trip to get there. And he’s prepared. No, not with a trick dirt bike—he’s prepared with puffy slippers and other lux accoutrements for his night in the desert!

Good thing, too—he needs the rest for the long day ahead. In which, of course, nothing goes quite to plan, and the ‘Busa once more needs an extraction

Matt’s build

If you missed the earlier videos he’s done, you can see the Hayabusa build here. As we told you then:

With a hole in his oil pan, Spears retreated to his garage and started rebuilding his ‘Busa for off-road glory. The end result is, this hyperbike is now more-or-less a dual sport.

Their reconstructive work covers all the bases. They bolt up a 52-tooth sprocket to make the bike more manageable in the dirt. The bike needs off-road tires, so they figure out how to mount knobbies to the Hayabusa’s wide rims, using ratchet straps to squish the tire onto the rim, and also dabbling with pyrotechnical techniques… with varying success. But the tires do get mounted! From there, we see some Dremel work on the fairing, a homemade crash cage mounted and a homemade skid plate bolted underneath.

What do you want to bet that the next part of this build is going to be some sort of improved wheel arrangement?

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