The Fools Ride ADV Rally — Apr. 18-21, 2024

A great way to knock off the winter cobwebs! Go out and enjoy the hilly Northeast Ohio River Valley, with it’s many tributaries, picturesque and unique views, and all the fine Ohio ADV & “ADV Dual Sporting.”  

Enjoy the ride, the sights, the odd roadside attractions, small town charms, and be challenged by Appalachian ADV’s local loops, near Richmond, Ohio. Each loop encompasses 50-150 miles of two-lane county pavers, off the beaten path gravel roads, “No Maintenance” dirt lanes, forgotten county roads, and plenty expert challenge areas. 

There are twisty pavement routes, basic ADV routes, as well as intermediate-level and expert-level #ADVDualSporting routes. Group ride sign-up will be available upon check-in at the event. The expert challenge areas are optional on the Intermediate courses. 

If you do tackle the ADV Dual Sporting optional expert areas or the expert loop be ready for big bike deadlifting! The routes are graded based on ADV bikes. Dual Sport bikes are welcome and will have an easier time on the courses.  ​

Fools Base Camp will be set up on 80-plus acres of private land with a 50×80 powered outbuilding set up as The Fools Meeting Barn and plenty of space for tents and trailers/pop-ups/campers (rustic).

Breakfast will be provided on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Dinner will be provided on Friday and Saturday. Mama Wags and the rest of the Fools Base Camp Crew are ready to give you the Friends and Family treatment! 

Lunch and gas are available along the routes and there are several places to pick up supplies near base camp.

Details: Fools Ride ADV Rally

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