Learn ADV Basics With Austin Vince’s New Apprentice V.I.N.C.E. Program

Since his last film full-length film release (Mondo Sahara, which premiered at the 2013 Overland Expo event), British adventure rider/explorer/filmmaker/tour guide Austin Vince has been running trail-riding events in Spain. His newest riding program is the Apprentice V.I.N.C.E.; it’s designed to give new riders an intro to the old-school skills required for his trail-riding events, and to ADV in general.

This five-day program (May 27-31, 2024) in northern Spain will teach you how to navigate by map and compass, so you have the orienteering skills to ride the standard V.I.N.C.E. event. There’s also some basic trail-riding training available, if you want that. Then, over the final three days, you ride a navigation event that’s basically the same as the V.I.N.C.E. moto-orienteering challenge that runs every fall.

Here’s the general program of events, as listed on Austin Vince’s website:


Mon – slow-time skill-building exercises

Tues – more skill-building

Weds – Either: You start the event proper, ‘guided’, with your instructors still handy

Or: You start the event proper, flying ‘solo’ , WITH your team-mates but without your instructors

Thurs – Day 2 of the event proper, hopefully flying ‘solo’

Fri – Day 2 of the event proper, hopefully flying ‘solo’

The tuition covers riding skill AND map skill, but can easily be adjusted so that it is only ONE of these if the student so chooses. Also, there will be a classroom day of map tuition in the spring, in the UK, incl in the price.

In other words, if you are:

A novice trail-rider but an expert map-reader, this is the week for you.


A novice map-reader but an expert trail-rider, this is the week for you too!

The fee for the fun is £600 per rider for the whole five days, or only £350 per rider if you wish to skip the instructional sessions and only ride the navigational challenge of the last three days. For your money, you get an entry to the competition, a set of notes and checkpoint booklet and map per team—food and accoms not included (camping is available nearby, and the event is hosted at a hotel where you can also book rooms and eat dinner).

For riders who are signing up for the instructional segment, there’s also a classroom day of mapbook training in the UK included as well. Obviously, this would be challenging for riders who are flying from North America to attend, but this event is really designed for Brit or Euro motorcyclists, who can get to Spain quickly and easily.

The event website here has many more details, including a general idea of what sort of rider this is aimed at (not a wheelie-lofting, helmet-mohawk-wearing, loud-piped hoon).

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