Hero Xoom 160: Further Fun In ADV Scooter World

Here’s another take on the so-called “adventure scooter” formula, and it’s one that we are 100 percent guaranteed to NOT see in North America, more’s the pity. Indian manufacturer Hero has announced the new Xoom 160 this show season. While the engine is not going to rip stumps out of the ground or set your hair on fire, it will most certainly do the job in its home market of India. It would be sufficient for around-town riding and secondary highway adventures here in North America too.

The air-cooled single-cylinder engine actually has 163 cc capacity, with electronic fuel injection and CVT gearbox. Max horsepower hits at 8500 rpm, where you get a not-so-massive 8 hp at the crank. Again, enough to get you around, but not exactly a maxi-scooter threat either. Peak torque is 6.4 lb-ft.

The Xoom 160 is a step-through, but like some other ADV-style scooters, the “underbone” part of the frame is beefed up for strength. That should also help with off-road handling.

Fourteen-inch wheels are standard front and rear, which should help you while rolling over bad roads. The suspension doesn’t seem to be particularly beefed-up, and the brakes are nothing special either (drum rear, single disc up front). One interesting feature is a corner-sensitive headlight. Hero says the Xoom 160 is the first scooter with that technology.

Asking price in India works out to less than $1,000 when converted to USD, and that alone would be a massive selling point if we every saw it here. As fly-and-buy travel becomes more appealing due to high shipping costs, maybe this scoot would be ideal for someone who wants to travel Asia on a step-through?

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