Kove Confirms Pricing & Availability Of 800X Rally For US Market

Roughly a year after bringing their 450 Rally to America, Kove is already reloading with a new model that promises to be a unique offering in the midweight ADV segment. Their latest weapon? The Kove 800X Rally, a dirt-focused, twin-cylinder adventure motorcycle that has captured attention due to an impressive spec sheet that boldly aims its crosshairs at established players in the segment. And yes, this one is coming to our shores soon.

Pricing of Kove 800x Rally coming to America

First unveiled at EICMA last November, the Kove 800X Rally is powered by a 799cc parallel-twin pumping out 94 ponies and 59 ft-lbs of torque. The bike is no slouch as is but Kove’s US distributor, Gary Goodwin of USA Motortoys said to ADV Pulse that power specs of production models will be bumped up by roughly 6 more HP and 9 ft-lbs of torque.

Boasting a race ECU, the 800X Rally weighs just 358 lbs with 1 gallon of fuel. With a total capacity of 5 gallons, the bike is estimated to tip the scale at around 382 lbs fully fueled, making it significantly lighter than leaders in the class such as Yamaha’s Tenere 700 and KTM’s 790/890 Adventure models. Just for perspective, the 800X Rally weighs less than the small-bore Kawasaki Versys- X 300 ABS bike. That’s an impressive power to weight ratio.

Weight of Kove 800x Rally coming to America
A recent weigh-in shows the Kove 800X Rally tips the scale at 358 lbs with 1 gallon of fuel. Photo by Gary Goodwin / USA Motortoys

Bump absorption duties are carried out by beefy 49mm forks featuring 10.6 inches (270mm) of travel, while out back a linkage suspension offers 9.8 inches (250 mm) of travel. The long legs contribute to a ground clearance of 11.5 inches (293 mm) and a seat height of 35.2 inches (895 mm). 

Pricing of Kove 800x Rally coming to America

Keeping things rolling, the Kove 800X Rally uses the same 21/18” tube type spoked wheels featured on the 450 Rally model. The bike runs a narrow rear wheel to accommodate a 140mm width tire out back, opening options for fitment of aggressive enduro rubber. The dirt-worthy wheels support the use of a cush drive while weight savings are further achieved by running a single rotor at the front. 

Pricing of Kove 800x Rally coming to America

Electronics are kept to a minimum with a TFT display that offers Eco Mode and Sport Mode but the bike doesn’t feature traction control, ABS or cruise control. For a lower center of gravity, the 5 gallon tank carries most of its fuel down low and under the seat. There’s also room left at the top dedicated to a front-loaded airbox. The package is complemented with other top of the line equipment like a Scotts stabilizer, a titanium exhaust and billet triple clamps. Built-in crash bars are bolted to supports that tie to the center of the frame plus the subframe is removable.

Fuel of Kove 800x Rally coming to America

Standard Version

The bike will also come to America in a standard variant called the 800X Adventure Pro, which offers a tamer, lower-spec option for adventure riders. Although some of the specs are yet to be released, this variant will boast less suspension travel, a more scooped seat, less heavy-duty 21/18” tubeless wheels, a standard stabilizer, traction control, ABS, a different ECU, luggage rack (can also be added to the Rally variant), passenger pegs, twin front brake rotors, and a low front fender. 

The shorter legs reportedly give the standard version a more ‘short-inseam friendly’ seat height of 34 inches (865mm) in the low setting. And although still light for the class, the standard model is also a bit heavier than the Rally version tipping the scale at a claimed 408 lbs (185 kg) wet. Unlike the Rally, power will reportedly be kept at 94 hp and 59 ft-lbs of torque and the bike will be equipped with a standard exhaust

Pricing and Availability

The Kove 800X Rally will first hit America as an ‘offroad-only’ model around July of 2024. According to Gary Goodwin, certified street versions for both the standard and Rally models are in the works and will come later, expected to arrive in the Fall of 2024. 

In the US the 800X Rally will have an MSRP of $13,999, while the standard version will be listed at $9,999. In Canada, MSRP for the Rally variant is $18,900, while the standard has an MSRP of $13,500. 

Photos by Kove Moto, @motorcycleadventureproducts, @westernadventureinc

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