Leatt Enters Adventure Market With New Line Of Riding Gear

Leatt might not be one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of adventure bike riding gear, but that might be about to change soon. Most of us do recognize the Leatt brand from its top-rated neck braces, as well as an extensive line of protective enduro, motocross and mountain bike gear, and now the South Africa-based company has dropped its first multi-range line of ADV-specific wear. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle gear

Leatt first came onto the scene back in 2004 with the release of its first neck brace, a design created by neurosurgeon and motorcyclist Dr Chris Leatt. Now in its 20th year, Leatt has launched a line that includes three all-new ADV-specific riding suits, each with a defined primary purpose: All-season, warm weather and wet weather. There are also mix-and-match gloves and a waterproof boot. You’ll also find RTW rider Kinga Tanajewska and enduro champ and ADV training guru, Chris Birch, championing Leatt’s new adventure line this year. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle gear
Legendary enduro rider Chris Birch and RTW rider Kinga Tanajewska have joined Leatt as ambassadors of the new adventure range.

Headlining the new collection is the MultiTour 7.5 jacket, Leatt’s all-season offering and flagship of the brand’s new “adventure” lineup. As the name implies, the jacket is multi-season and can be worn in six different configurations. Continuing with the theme of versatility, the waterproof and thermal layers are designed to also be worn independently when you’re off the bike. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle gear
The MultiTour offers 6 different configurations for on and off the bike use.

The outer shell is cut from heavy-duty ripstop nylon, with abrasion-resistant Superfabric applied in potential impact areas. Inside the shell lives a removable, breathable, wind- and waterproof liner utilizing HydraDri Max material that achieves a rating of 30,000 mm for waterproofing and 30,000 g/m² for breathability. For comparison, Gore-Tex Pro 3L has a waterproofing rating of 28,000 mm and breathability of 25,000 g/m². Also included, is a separate thermal base layer that can be worn underneath the shell, independent of the waterproof liner, for added versatility. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle gear
The suit’s HydraDri Max material achieves a rating of 30,000 mm for waterproofing and 30,000 g/m² for breathability. For comparison, Gore-Tex Pro 3L has a waterproofing rating of 28,000 mm and breathability of 25,000 g/m². 

State-of-the-art armor is a key player in Leatt gear, and the MultiTour has plenty of it. The company’s patented 3DF, CE certified Level 2 removable inserts protect the back, elbows and shoulders while a Level 1 panel shields the chest. Leatt’s 3DF armor design is slim, flexible and ventilated to enhance rider comfort. 

Pockets are also plentiful, seven on the outer layer, including two large waterproof front cargo pockets with side-entry hand warmers, a large waterproof rear pocket, a rear mesh pocket and waterproof phone pocket. Both the waterproof and thermal layers have their own hand warmer pockets. Zippered vents are provided on the chest, back and upper arms, and fit adjustment straps are provided at the waist (dual level), lower arm, cuff, hip and collar. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle gear

The MultiTour 7.5 comes neck brace ready and includes a 1.5L hydration pack pocket with integrated sip tube channel in unisex sizes S-5XL and three colorways: White with blue and red details (Royal), black (Stealth) and khaki brown with black (Desert) for $649.99.

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

Completing the suit are the MultiTour 7.5 pants ($449.99). The pants come with the same versatility as the matching jacket, including the zip-in-and-out waterproof HydraDri MAX liner, as well as a soft thermal base layer. Removable Level 2 3DF armor is fitted at the knee/shin, while Level 1 inserts protect each hip. Heat resistant panels can be found inside the lower legs, along with leather panels at the inner knee for improved tank grip. 

Ventilation is provided via zippers on the front and back of the legs, while storage consists of two large waterproof pockets on the upper legs as well as zippered hand warmer pockets. Fit adjustments can be made from waist to ankle, and the pants can be zipped to the jacket. Sizes are S-4XL (30-42”) in black (Stealth) or white/blue (Steel).

Yup, as you probably guessed from the name, the FlowTour is all about air circulation. As described earlier, the flagship MultiTour offers a six-way configuration, while the warm weather-intended FlowTour offers four-way functionality. The main shell is made of ripstop nylon with large X-Flow mesh panels incorporated into the design to provide permanent airflow. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

The FlowTour comes with the flagship’s raft of features, including the full array of pockets, the rear hydration pack pouch, and the removable waterproof, windproof, highly-breathable HydraDri Max inner liner, perfect for those summer storms. The jacket features the same CE certified Level 2 removable armor for back, elbows and shoulders, as well as Level 1 protection in the chest area, plus it comes ready to attach a Leatt neck brace. 

The FlowTour jacket offers a four-way configuration.

The main differences between the MultiTour and FlowTour are the large mesh vent panels on the shell, as well as the lack of the inner, separate thermal layer that makes the flagship the all-season option. It lacks the flagship’s stacked double waist adjustments and also the rear mesh pocket. A buyer should also note the abrasion resistant Superfabric panels have also been deleted and replaced by the mesh panels in an effort to improve cooling in hotter climates. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

The other differences are more subtle and things you’d expect on a summer jacket. For example, the FlowTour has a shorter, mandarin-style neoprene collar and smaller cuffs that zip and seal with lighter weight hook-and-loop fasteners.  

The FlowTour also has a smaller price tag, starting at $499 for black (Stealth) and $539.99 for white/gray with geometric patterns (Steel) or khaki brown camo patterning (Desert). Sizes are unisex S – 5XL.

FlowTour pants feature the same ripstop nylon with mesh inserts as the matching shell. There is also a removable HydraDri Max liner and the same removable armor at knees/shins and hips found in the flagship version. As a bonus, the FlowTour pants get stretch areas in the knee, knee hollow, crotch and back yoke, without giving up the tank gripping leather inserts inside the knees. Colors are black Stealth ($379.00) or a white/gray with geo patterns called Steel ($399.99). Sizes range from S – 4XL (30-42”) with a “short” inseam option. 

Leatt’s DriTour adventure suit is super serious about keeping you dry, starting with a shell of laminated waterproof ripstop nylon utilizing HydraDri+ material that achieves a rating of 35,000 mm for waterproofing and 15,000 g/m² for breathability. Yup, that means it’s water tight at all times, though breathable enough to keep you from poaching your eggs. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

The waterproofing is baked into the shell, so there’s no additional waterproof liner but the DriTour does come with the removable zip-out thermal layer that can be worn separately as a casual jacket. It also comes with many of the features found on the flagship MultiTour suit, including Leatt’s CE approved 3DF Level 2 armor for back, shoulders and elbows, as well as a panel of Level 1 armor across the chest. It is also neck brace ready with the attached BraceOn shoulder straps and the rear of the jacket is designed to house a 1.5L hydration pack as well

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear
This jacket can be worn three ways and features a lightweight HydraDri Dri+ outer layer and a removable thermal liner.

For abrasion protection, Superfabric reinforcements are located in high-impact zones, and ventilation is achieved via zippers on the chest in coordination with an exhaust vent in the back. There is ample storage, including two large waterproof front pockets, hand warmer pockets, rear waterproof pockets and a vertical, zippered waterproof phone pocket. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear
When needed, the thermal liner acts as a standalone, casual insulated jacket. 

This jacket comes with all of the fit adjustability as the MultiTour with the exception of the single cinch adjustable waist straps instead of the double straps on the flagship. Subtle differences include stretch material in the cuffs to form watertight seals, and magnetic pocket closures. The price for the DriTour jacket is $559.99 in sizes S-5XL with a color range from white/gray with red/blue accents (Royal), deep gray and black (Iron) and black (Stealth). 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

The accompanying DriTour pants serve a dual purpose, thanks to the directly laminated HydraDri Dri+ outer layer for wet rides and a removable thermal liner for colder ones. The pants offer an over-the-boot fit and feature Leatt CE Level-2 3DF protectors at the knees and CE Level-1 at the hips, as well as waterproof cargo pockets and hand warmer hip pockets. These pants come equipped with a connection zipper for jacket integration as well for additional security. MSRP is $469.99 in sizes 30-42 with a color options of White/Black (Steel) and Black/Silver (Stealth)

Leatt has been providing advanced footwear to MX and enduro riders for many years. In fact, the company’s 4.5 HydraDri enduro boot has been a popular choice for aggressive adventure riders looking for extra impact protection. But now there’s a dedicated ADV boot too, one that’s waterproof, but also conducive to exploration that involves wearing the boots for long periods both on and off the bike. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

These new boots are lined with HydraDri EVO (rated at 20,000 mm for waterproofing and 20,000 g/m² for breathability) to keep the water at bay, while a tough nubuck leather exterior provides durability. A reinforced shin plate and 3DF impact foam offer protection. Auto-locking one-way slide closures keep the boot tops snug, while the toe box is said to be optimized for good shift feel. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

Forged aluminum buckles snap you in while a flex limiter improves boot control. The lugged soles on the HydraDri are more giving than traditional enduro boots and ready for more comfortable off-the-bike excursions. The new ADV boots from Leatt come in Stealth black or a dark brown/black called Desert. Price is $349.99. 

New Leatt Adventure Glove Range

Of course an adventure riding suit is never complete without gloves, and ideally a pair that compliments the suit’s intention. Leatt has released a collection of gloves for their new adventure line to cover every type of climate, from desert heat to winter frost, and in a wide variety of patterns, hues and even wrist lengths. 

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

Starting again with Leatt’s top-of-the-line option, the SubZero adventure gloves are obviously made for cold weather, with a built-in layer of thermal insulation, sandwiched between stretchable ripstop nylon and a seamless leather palm. Impact protection is provided by 3DF soft impact foam with thermoplastic rubber on the palm side to enhance grip. A membrane of the brand’s breathable, waterproof HydraDri EVO keeps water out. Available in black (Stealth) or Desert (khaki brown), the SubZero’s are sold in short and long wrist lengths for $129.99 and $139.99 respectively. Sizes range from S-XXXL.

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

These gloves are intended for warm weather situations, pairing well with the FlowTour 7.5 Jacket & Pants. But they are not to be confused with a typical summer glove. There’s airflow of course, but there’s also serious built-in protection in the form of flexible CE Level 1 knuckle armor and ReaFlex soft impact gel.

Leatt Adventure motorcycle riding gear

On the palm, leather and fibrous NanoGrip fibers work together to protect against abrasion while improving tactile feel on the controls. Colors are Steel, Stealth and Desert (with camo graphic) and prices are $99.99 for long and $89.99 for the shorter wrist length. Sizes range from S-XXXL.

Made for wet weather riding, these gloves match up with Leatt’s waterproof DriTour 7.5 suit. Like the SubZero gloves the HydraDri option also uses the brand’s own stretchable micro ripstop nylon, but with a Hydradri Evo membrane to keep out water while allowing heated vapor to exit. A seamless leather palm ensures good tactile feel while CE tested armor guards the knuckles. Soft impact foam provides further protection and materials are doubled up in critical impact areas. The HydraDri gloves are available in colors that match the DriTour suit (Steel, Stealth and Desert), and also in short ($119.99) or long ($129.99) wrist lengths.  Sizes range from S-XXXL.


All of Leatt’s adventure suits come with a five year warranty. Chief Executive Officer Sean Macdonald adds that Leatt’s product line, including the Adventure collection “has been through an in-depth product development process including a rigorous series of impact simulations at our Leatt testing facility.” Many of the items in the new Leatt ADV Line are available immediately, while a few will be arriving soon. More details can be found on the Leatt website.

Author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for more than 30 years, testing the entire range of bikes for the major print magazines and specializing in adventure-travel related stories. To date she’s written and supplied photography for articles describing what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, receiving two Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writer’s Awards along the way. Her most-challenging adventure yet has been riding in the 2018 GS Trophy in Mongolia as Team AusAmerica’s embedded journalist.

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