REV’IT! Launches Two New Mesh ADV Suits For Warmer Days Ahead

The thaw is on in North America, and before we know it we’ll be tearing up the trails, working up a sweat and wishing for a cooling breeze. 

Right in step with the coming blooms, REV’IT! has released two new mesh adventure touring suits that optimize airflow, though don’t mistake them for those shapeless bargain rack mesh jackets you see around. Both of the new offerings from the upscale Netherlands-based gear maker come with features that emphasize protection and comfort as well as airflow, and both are available in men’s and women’s cuts. 

The Tornado jacket and pants combo has been on the market for a while and only gets better, as evidenced by the significant upgrades seen in version 4 H2O. Version 3 was a nice product and we enjoyed riding in it, but that model was very different from the Tornado 4 in that it had a single optional liner that acted both as a waterproof and a thermal layer. 

The new 3-Season Tornado 4 H2O jacket is convertible in three ways, with a standalone 3L Hydratex rain jacket that can be worn under or over the mesh shell in wet conditions, while a separate button-in thermal liner comes into play as the shell’s optional base layer. That flexibility allows you to ride with just the lightweight mesh-lined, ventilated shell when it’s super warm, then mix and match the extra layers as needed. Moreover, wearing the waterproof layer on the outside ensures there’s no build up of water in the shell when riding in rain.

REV'IT! Tornado 4 Mesh Adventure Jacket
REV'IT! Tornado 4 Waterproof Liner
The 3L hydratex waterproof liner can be worn in between the mesh shell and thermal layers for seamless waterproofing, or you can swiftly throw it over the shell during sudden downpours.

The previous Tornado had a generous network of REV’IT!’s 3D mesh panels, but version 4 takes it further with a longer mesh area around the neck, which the company says allows cooling air to descend towards the chest and expand outwards at the waist. Strategically placed pockets are easy to access, but don’t block airflow. New snap closures have also been added to assist the existing Velcro wrist fasteners. 

REV'IT! Tornado 4 Womens Mesh Adventure Jacket

It’s REV’IT!’s philosophy that a tailored fit works best for rider gear, especially in the way a snug fit keeps armor comfortably in place. 

While the Tornado 4 H2O is about cooling air flow, it’s also serious about crash protection, an area where those flimsy budget mesh suits tend to fail. The Tornado 4, with a shell of ripstop poly and high-performance PWR mesh, is CE AA rated for both abrasion and impact protection by European certification standards. REV’IT!’s CE Level 2 SeeFlex armor shields the shoulders and elbows and stays in place thanks to a multitude of adjustment points including snaps at the biceps, forearm straps and side cinches at the waist. The jacket also has pockets to accept the company’s SeeSoft Level-2 back protector and Level-1 chest protector, both sold separately. 

The new Tornado 4 H2O comes in silver-black, sand-black or black-anthracite, and sells for $369.99 in sizes XS-3XL (black-anthracite offers a 4XL). The women’s cut comes in euro sizes 34-44 and sells for the same price, though sand-black is not an option.  

The Tornado 4 H2O pants carry over version 3’s 2-in-1 liner construction, so the removable 2L Hydratex lining functions both as a waterproof and warming inner layer. The mesh-lined shell materials — a patchwork of ripstop, stretch and mesh polyester panels — offer the same high rating for protection. Zippered vents on the upper thighs assist airflow and Seeflex CE Level-2 armor inserts protect the knees, while Level-1 armor is provided at the hips. 

REV'IT! Tornado 4 Mesh Adventure Pants

Version 4 improvements include a new waistband design that’s now stretchy and includes an ultra-strong Cobrax ‘snap’ button and new Velcro fly so you don’t have to say no to that post-lunch pie. Velcro has also replaced the ankle zippers for a tighter fit while the accordion panels at the knees are replaced by stretch panels above the knees to aid mobility. A connection zipper is provided to couple the jacket and pants as well.

REV’IT!’s new Tornado 4 H2O pants sell for $319.99 in black or silver-black, sizes XS to 3XL short/standard/long (black gets you a 4XL), while the women’s version comes in black or black-silver, sizes euro 34-44, in standard length only.

REV’IT!’s Airwave jacket is lighter in weight and costs less in price than the company’s Tornado line, but that doesn’t mean it’s not highly protective. In fact the most significant upgrade for generation 4 is its newly acquired CE AA certification. In the world of european standards there are C ratings (usually off-road), B ratings for on-road gear that offers only abrasion protection and the A ratings, which must feature both impact and abrasion protection. A double A rating is very high for any mesh jacket, just one level down for maximum protection (AAA) of the most robust and expensive riding suits on the market. 

REV'IT! Airwave 4 Mesh Adventure Jacket

The latest iteration of the more budget-minded Airwave Suit adds enhanced ventilation, including new perforated stretch panels across the upper chest. New, larger stretch panels were also incorporated into the jacket’s sides to improve fit across the spectrum of belly shapes and sizes. REV’IT! says this will allow for some riders who fall in between sizes to size down for a closer fit. 

A combination of windproof, breathable, water-resistant softshell 3L, 3D air mesh, ballistic mesh, and ripstop polyester make up the new Airwave 4’s shell, so it’s an all-in-one jacket without any independent liners. The Airwave 4 uses removable Seesmart CE Level 1 protection at shoulders and elbows, and the jacket is also prepared to accept REV’IT!’s back and chest armor inserts.  

REV'IT! Airwave 4 Mesh Adventure Jacket

This jacket will fit more loosely than the Tornado 4 H2O with only one adjustment strap for the lower arms and another at each cuff. A drawcord seals the waist hem. In addition to the employment of upgraded mesh panels, including a longer center-front panel, the new design enlists stretchier panels on the back of the shoulders to aid flexibility. The jacket’s collar now includes a “snapback” button to increase frontal airflow on the hottest of days

REV'IT! Airwave 4 Mesh Adventure Jacket
Both the Tornado 4 and Airwave 4 suits are CE AA rated for both abrasion and impact protection.

The Airwave 4 jacket is available in men’s sizes S-3XL anthracite-red, light gray-blue, black-anthracite and silver-anthracite and black (up to 4XL) and retails for $269.99. You’ll find the women’s cut available for the same price in black gray-pink and silver-anthracite, and sizes ranging from 34-46.

Airwave 4 pants are available for those who want full-time, full-body airflow. The pants increase airflow over the previous version with an enlarged ventilation surface area made of PWR shell mesh, a stronger mesh material that’s partly responsible for the suit’s new AA certification. A new stretch waistband like the one found on the Tornado 4 improves comfort, closing with a strong Cobrax snap button. Stretch panels were also added to the knee area to improve comfort and flexibility. 

Seesmart CE Level 1 protection is provided  at hips and knees and the new Airwave 4 pants can be zippered to the jacket to form a suit. Men’s sizes S-3XL short/standard/long can be purchased anthracite, or black, which goes up to 4XL, for $219.99. The women’s Tornado 4 pants come in black only for the same price in euro sizes 34-46 small/standard/long. 

Premium Cayenne 2 Suit Remains Unchanged

REV’IT! does offer another mesh-forward suit in its top-spec Cayenne 2, a hard-core, off-road adventure proof jacket and pants combo which is so far unchanged for 2024. This suit offers the strongest fabrics among the mesh line, such as Schoeller mesh, and top-spec armor throughout including a SeeSoft Air ventilated CE Level 2 back protector.

There are bells and whistles throughout, including a detachable kidney belt, a hydration pack pocket and connection loops for attaching a Segur neck brace. Being at the top of the mesh lineup means a more premium price: $729.99 for the men’s sizes only jacket and $469.99 for the pants. 

Author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for more than 30 years, testing the entire range of bikes for the major print magazines and specializing in adventure-travel related stories. To date she’s written and supplied photography for articles describing what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, receiving two Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writer’s Awards along the way. Her most-challenging adventure yet has been riding in the 2018 GS Trophy in Mongolia as Team AusAmerica’s embedded journalist.

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