MSF Brings Free Motorcycle Training To 15 Cities Across U.S.

With safety standards endorsed by top motorcycle manufacturers like Honda, KTM, BMW, Suzuki, and Yamaha, the non-profit Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has been a leading resource in the country for rider training and education at all skill levels. For 2024, they are offering a unique opportunity to experience their training through a series of ‘RIDE Day’ events coming to 15 cities across the U.S. Best of all, the experience is free and no RSVP is required.

RIDE Day events offer non-riders the opportunity to try a motorcycle for the first time with MSF coaches helping through each step. For current riders, it is an opportunity to ride their own machines in practice exercises designed to sharpen their skills. 

Two key elements of RIDE Day are MOTO Intro and SKILLS Check. Events can feature either or both of these activities.

MOTO Intro: Provides those wanting to try riding for the first time with the proper gear, motorcycle, space, and a professional coach to guide them through the experience. Within 30 minutes, participants can get familiar with motorcycle hand controls and, if comfortable, ride a small oval pattern. From that point, riders are offered additional information on next steps for their motorcycle riding journey. Helmets, gloves, and eye protection are provided.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation brings free motorcycle training to cities across the US

SKILLS Check: This opportunity is for current riders on their own motorcycles, and focuses on the philosophy that skills need to be practiced to be kept in top form. The school provides advanced exercise coaches to oversee and offer timely tips if desired. Information on MSF advanced riding courses is also made available.

Participants are required to wear all of the safety equipment. In addition, their motorcycle will undergo a basic motorcycle safety check with an MSF-certified RiderCoach prior to starting the Skills Check experience. 

Through hosting a RIDE Day, MSF-recognized ranges open their facilities to the communities they serve. Events frequently feature motorcycle and gear displays, local vendors, and more to create a welcoming motorcycle experience while providing attendees a look at proper rider training. “Through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s RIDE Day, we have created an engaging activity that connects current and curious riders with proper rider training,” said Corey Eastman, Director of Rider Education Expansion for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

MSF recognizes nearly 2,000 training sites across the country where MSF-certified coaches teach motorcycle riding curricula. Each of these locations are eligible to host RIDE Days of their own. As of this writing, MSF has unveiled its initial schedule of RIDE Day events for 2024, consisting of 25 planned stops, with more being added on a regular basis. So far, states hosting events include Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Virginia. For more details go to

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