GOAT ADV Rally — Apr. 23-28, 2024

The GOAT ADV Rally ’24 includes camping and RV boondocking with over 1,000 scenic miles of self-guided routes to explore near Chewey, Oklahoma.

The Green Country Oklahoma Adventure Tour (G.O.A.T.) is a GPS-guided adventure route that loops through over 500 miles of Northeastern Oklahoma back-roads. The GOAT follows public roads through a variety of terrain including loose gravel, large rocks, mud, steep hills, and over 50 water crossings after a good rain. The majority of the route consists of scenic gravel roads, twisty pavement, and a few short technical sections. If that isn’t enough, there are several places along the route to go off-road and test your skills.

A daily rider seminar and meeting is at 8:00 AM, followed by reservable training sessions with D.A.R.T. Wednesday through Saturday. Friday morning at 10:00 will feature a guided adventure tour of Cherokee Nation history in Tahlequah starting from camp. Then Saturday evening there will be motorcycle field games where participants will get a chance to win a prize. Finish the rally with a well deserved treat Sunday morning with free Daylight Donuts.

Details: GOAT ADV Rally

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