12 Must-Know Facts About The 2024 Honda ADV 160

Honda has long been known as one of the best at understanding the pulse of a buyer’s market and tailoring their products accordingly. It’s why they’re so successful across multiple geographies and niches. Their strategy may come across as them trying to make something for every bike category, but there’s a method to the madness, as it were.


The Honda ADV 160 has the potential to give a lot of aspiring beginner adventure riders the tools to get the job done, and there’s quite a lot to uncover about Honda’s adventure scooter. Given that, we have updated this list to include a few more highlights and points to note before going ahead and buying one.

So what happens when first-time riders want something that will give them the confidence to tackle rough and uneven terrain but aren’t yet willing to spend their money on a full-fledged motorcycle? That’s where their ADV 160 adventure scooter comes in. This scooter aims to combine the practicality and footprint of a scooter with the go-anywhere (relatively) freedom that an adventure vehicle affords you.

Admittedly, the ADV 160 isn’t their first go-around in this segment, considering that an ADV 150 preceded it. However, is the new adventure scooter from Honda worth your time? That’s what this piece will dive into.

All the information in this piece has been sourced from Honda’s official release about the ADV 160. Other reputable sources across the internet have been referenced for missing bits of information.


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12 An Upgraded Engine For The New Honda ADV 160

Maximum Output: 15.8 hp & 10.8 lb-ft

2024 Honda ADV160 rolling with pillion in style front third quarter view

It is where the most crucial update for the ADV 160 lies. As the suffix in the name suggests, the new Honda ADV 160 is a step up from its predecessor, the ADV 150, with a larger engine coming from its sibling, the Honda PCX. With a larger engine now powering its rear wheel, the Honda ADV 160 claims higher power and torque outputs than the outgoing ADV 150.

This new engine on the Honda adventure scooter also has a more efficient setup of four valves per cylinder, offering better fuel efficiency and combustion over the two-valve setup in the ADV 150.

2024 Honda ADV 160 Engine Specs


Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled




15.8 hp


10.8 lb-ft



11 The ADV 160 Gets Honda’s V-Matic Transmission

2024 Honda ADV160 is a cool-looking ADV front third quarter view

As you’d expect on a scooter, the Honda ADV 160 doesn’t allow you to select your gears manually. Instead, a CVT system is in operation.

In this case, Honda calls it the ‘V-Matic’ automatic transmission. Honda claims they’ve worked on the CVT design and refined its internals to make it as smooth as possible. The ‘rubberband’ effect typical of CVTs should be less pronounced, as Honda claims “you’ll always have smooth power delivery.”

10 2024 ADV 160 Gets Design Tweaks Over The ADV 150

Side profile of 2024 Honda ADV 160

A look at the Honda ADV 160 might make one believe it’s just a renamed version of the erstwhile Honda ADV 150 with new badges. However, given that it is a new model altogether, Honda has smartly revised the design of the new ADV 160. It has the same tall and aggressive stance as its predecessor and the larger, globally available Honda ADV 350 and X-ADV.

While the all-LED headlamp cluster and the front apron surrounding it look almost similar to those of the old ADV 150, the lower side panels of the front fairing look revised, which are now wider in appearance than before. Even the rear side panels have become sharper in the process of upgrade. A closer look also reveals that the new ADV 160 also gets a new seat, a revised design for the radiator cowl, and pillion footrests.

Design Highlights

  • Two-position windscreen
  • All-LED dual headlamps with LED DRLs
  • Black alloy wheels
  • LED tail lamps
  • Updated bodywork


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9 Two-Position Windscreen For Touring On The New Honda ADV 160

Windscreen of 2024 Honda ADV 160

Given its limited off-road riding ability, the Honda ADV 160 might not be a “gearless” equivalent to adventure motorcycles for beginner riders. However, it can serve as a decent long-distance tourer with enough power on tap and its innovative two-position windscreen. Depending on the riding conditions, one can adjust the position of the transparent windscreen, which is adjustable without any tool requirement.

One can lower the windscreen to experience more breeze while zipping through the traffic lanes, while it can be raised for additional protection against wind blasts while hitting long highways. The height of this two-position windscreen is adjustable via a small knob on its sides.

8 The 2024 Honda ADV 160 Comes With Ample Storage Space

Storage Capacity: 7.93 Gallons (Underseat) & 0.5 Gallons (Front Cavity)

Underseat storage space of 2024 Honda ADV 160

Being a scooter, the Honda ADV 160 showcases its practical side with the storage spaces offered in it. This aspect is something that even some of the best and most extreme tech-loaded adventure motorcycles offer. Like every conventional scooter on sale in the US, the ADV 160 has a massive 30-liter (7.93 gallons) storage compartment under its revised and long seat – 2 liters more than the ADV 150. This under-seat storage compartment of the Honda ADV 160 is sizable enough to accommodate a full-face helmet.

In addition, there is a small 2-liter (0.53 gallons) storage cavity at the front, which also houses a 12V charging port. This small storage space is good enough to keep your phone while juicing its battery during your rides.

7 2024 ADV 160 Has A Shorter Seat Height Than The Old ADV 150

Seat of 2024 Honda ADV 160

While it might not appear obvious at first, the new Honda ADV 160 is almost 4.6 inches taller than the outgoing ADV 150, making its stance even taller in real. At the same time, Honda has dropped the seat height by 0.6 inches, now rated at 30.1 inches.

Along with the redesigned seat with better contours, the lower seat height of the Honda ADV 160 makes it easier for shorter riders to ride the scooter, who can place their feet more comfortably at every stop during their rides. It might not be as accommodating as the best maxi-scooters on sale today, but it gets the job done for beginners. Meanwhile, the length, width, wheelbase, and ground clearance of the new ADV 160 remain unchanged over the ADV 150.

2024 Honda ADV 160 Dimensions


76.8 in


30 in


45.4 in


52.1 in

Seat Height

30.7 in

Fuel Capacity

2.14 gal

Dry Weight

294 lbs

Ground Clearance

6.5 in


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6 New ADV 160 Features Rugged Suspension And Tires

Front tyre of 2024 Honda ADV 160

The sense of ruggedness in the visual appeal of the Honda ADV 160 comes from its set of tires, which wear a block-themed pattern equally suitable for both urban roads and mild off-road surfaces – much like the new Honda Transalp XL750.

Among all the scooters in or below its price range, the Honda ADV 160 sets higher standards with class-leading suspension travel – 5.1 inches for the front suspension and 4.1 inches for the rear suspension, allowing better ride quality and handling.

2024 Honda ADV 160 Chassis Specs

Front Suspension

31mm Showa telescopic forks; 5.1-inch travel

Rear Suspension

Twin piggyback Showa shocks; 4.0-inch travel

Front Tire


Rear Tire


Front Brake

240mm disc

Rear Brake

131mm drum

5 2024 Honda ADV 160 Gets An Updated Instrument Console

Instrument cluster of 2024 Honda ADV 160

Regarding features, the most noteworthy change introduced in the new Honda ADV 160 is a fresh new full-LCD instrument cluster. In the old ADV 150, the instrument console had a different layout with a separate LCD screen for the warning lights, inspired by the first-generation X-ADV.

However, the new instrument console has a different layout for data on display, which looks inspired by the new X-ADV and other models like the previous-generation Honda CBR650R. Unlike the previous unit, it also houses the warning lights in the upper and lower parts of its bezel and not in a separate screen.

4 New Honda ADV 160 Gets Traction Control

Front brake of 2024 Honda ADV 160

Along with a single-channel ABS setup, the new 2024 Honda ADV 160 also gets Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which was missing in the previously available ADV 150. A conventional traction control, this in-house system developed by Honda, is already available in premium Honda sports bikes and adventure motorcycles.

However, it is the first time that Honda’s HSTC is available in a scooter sold in the US, which helps the ADV 160 maintain traction on low-grip surfaces. The single-channel ABS in the ADV 160 works on the 240mm disc brake at the front.


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3 The Honda ADV 160’s Biggest Rival Is Also Japanese

Silver 2024 Suzuki Burgman 400 Maxi-scooter

Strictly speaking, the Honda ADV 160 is slightly lonely in the adventure scooter segment with its kind of displacement. The closest thing to competition for the Honda scoot is the Suzuki Burgman 400.

Granted, it’s touted as a premium scooter and not an adventure scooter like the Honda, but for all practical intents and purposes, the two will be pitted together. Suzuki’s premium scooter offering does cost significantly more than the ADV 160, though. It slots in at a starting price of $8,699.

For the price, though, you get a fuel-injected, DOHC, 400cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine and a CVT transmission. Features like traction control, an LCD panel display, ABS, and a decent amount of storage are also available. Interestingly enough, Suzuki also still sells the Burgman 200 for $4,999. It has a lower displacement engine, but the downside is that it’s a 2022 model-year scooter. There also used to be a Burgman 650, but that’s another story altogether.

2 2024 ADV 160 Is Marginally Expensive Over The Outgoing ADV 150

Base MSRP: $4,499

Rear three-quarter image of 2024 Honda ADV 160

Honda has launched the new ADV 160 at $4,499, making it the most expensive Honda scooter in the US. Compared to the outgoing ADV 150, the new ADV 160 commands a premium of $150. The new asking price of the Honda ADV 160, which makes it Honda’s flagship scooter in the US, is the same for both its color options: Red Metallic and Pearl Smoky Gray.

1 Honda ADV 160 Is Feature-Packed For Its Price

Keyless ignition in 2024 Honda ADV 160

As mentioned, the Honda ADV 160 comes packed with new-age features like a full-LCD instrument cluster, alloy wheels, 12V charging socket, adjustable windscreen, traction control, and single-channel ABS, making it one of the best scooters on sale today.

It further gets more features like all-LED lighting for the headlamp and taillamp, with the taillamps accompanied by daytime running LEDs. Also, instead of having a conventional mechanical key, the new ADV 160 comes with a Honda Smart key, which brings in some extra features, including a keyless start button.

2024 Honda ADV 160 Feature Highlights

  • Full-LCD instrument cluster
  • Alloy wheels
  • 12V charging socket
  • Adjustable windscreen
  • Traction control
  • All-LED headlamps and taillamps with DRLs
  • Keyless start

  • Source for features: Honda
  • Source for technical specifications: Bikez

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