Get On! ADV Fest Returns To Sturgis, With Lower Pricing

It looks like the crew at Revzilla is going to stick with the Buffalo Chip as home base for the Get On! ADV Fest, as the rally is headed back there for 2024.

The Sturgis campground has the adventure bike rally listed on the schedule for July this year, and it looks like the schedule is going to be similar to previous years. Here’s what the Buffalo Chip’s website says:

A Four-Day Camping and Adventure Motorcycle Festival July 18-21, 2024 at the Buffalo Chip Campground.

You’re invited to four days of camping, adventure riding and community in the gorgeous backcountry and front-country of remote South Dakota July 18-21, 2024 at the Buffalo Chip Campground. In addition to world-class adventure riding, the weekend will be full of test rides, seminars, entertainment, prizes, awards, and the latest adventure riding gear and accessories for you and your bike.

Kids 15 and under are free. Max 2 per adult and must be accompanied by that adult at all times.

Tickets are available here; pricing starts at $99 for access to the festival over the four days of the event. A camping pass only costs you a buck more, at $100. From there, the prices go up depending what kind of accommodations you want. We’d suggest you book early if you want a cabin, and that’s also probably true of the RV spots. Also note that a trail pass for the event is $25. And, also note that the pricing structure has changed since last year. It looks like it’s been designed to save riders money, if there’s aspects of the rally they won’t be participating in.

What’s Get On! ADV Fest actually about?

ADVwriter Justin Hughes went to Get On! at his own expense last year to investigate this party-hearty gathering, and reported back here.

The Black Hills Get On! ADV Fest Experience

He said it worked for him, because…

… they did all the work for me. I normally have to do my own research and plan my own routes that I want to explore. Here, I could just drop into Sturgis, load up their pre-determined routes that I know are going to be good, and follow that little blue line. A Black Hills off-road permit is included with your admission, making it as easy as possible to ride legally. They also make it easy to meet new friends and riding buddies at your skill level. It’s still a small enough event that you tend to keep running into the same people over and over again, which adds to the feeling of community.

Revzilla’s own page for Get On! ADV Fest lists no details, but if you keep an eye on that site, you’ll probably learn more soon.

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