Touratech DirtDaze Rally — Aug. 14-18, 2024

The Touratech DirtDaze Rally is a welcoming, totally immersive riding/social/educational highlight of the summer. Novice or Advanced, you’re sure to have a great time.

Choose from Easy, Intermediate and Advanced guided rides, lasting between 90-180 miles. They include great riding for all abilities and lunch at a fun, off-the-grid location. Choose from seven different rides, whose difficulty, duration and tire choice will be listed.

Triumph, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, KTM and likely more manufacturers will have demo bikes available at the event. This’ll be a rare opportunity to test and compare a variety of adventure bikes all in one place.

On the training side, Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (Coed) & SheADV (women-only) will offer skills workshops for three skill levels—Novice, Intermediate and Advanced—during half-day sessions. You’ll get lots of professional instruction, and you’ll leave a better rider.

Touratech also has a bulldozer, a six-pack of Red Bull and a couple of days to make an incredible slow speed obstacle course for novice and advanced riders. This’ll be a great way to test and improve your riding skills.

This year the rally features two-to-three hour rides at your own pace—from easy to intermediate— including an all-pavement, purely-scenic option. And, don’t miss the new scavenger hunt—every place you visit will give you more chances to win $1,000 in gear.

Details: Touratech DirtDaze Rally

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