Berlin Commercial and Conero Film + ADV Join Forces to Inspire European Creativity

Berlin Commercial and Conero Film + ADV (CFA) are proud to announce their partnership, a significant milestone in the realm of European filmmaking. At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to impactful storytelling and sustainable filmmaking practices. 

Berlin Commercial, in its urban dynamism and innovation, complements Conero Film + ADV’s tranquil setting in the beautiful Italian countryside. Paving the way for sustainable solutions Berlin Commercial award trophies are created by sustainable design studio GOMI (Brighton, UK) employing flexible plastic waste (ldpe) that is normally not recyclable. Together, Berlin Commercial and Conero Film + ADV offer filmmakers contrasting yet inspiring environments for creative juices to flow.

With Berlin Commercial scheduled on 26-30th August in Berlin, Germany, Conero Film + ADV will follow, taking place in Conero Natural Park, in the Marche region of Italy, on 6-8th September. CFA’s main event will be hosted at Local Bizzarro’s headquarters, a production company whose heart lies in creating video content by adhering to specific protocols to diminish the impact of video production on the environment. This collaboration aims to foster greater connectivity and collaboration within the filmmaking community and transcend geographical boundaries. The regular deadline for Conero Film + ADV is April 30th, while the deadline of Berlin Commercial is a month later, on June 1st. 

In a similar effort to champion social and environmental consciousness, Conero Film + ADV created the prestigious Conero Award – which rewards projects adopting more sustainable filmmaking protocols – while Berlin Commercial introduced the Cultural Impact Award for projects raising awareness of culturally meaningful topics. Both categories, free to submit, underline a shared perspective on culturally relevant storytelling programming approaches. 

A partnership between two renowned film festivals is a rare opportunity for creatives to push their boundaries and venture out. Through this collaboration, Berlin Commercial and Conero Film + ADV will offer filmmakers exclusive discount codes to submit to each other’s events. The aim of this initiative is to encourage cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, and bring Europe closer together.

Berlin Commercial and Conero Film + ADV invite filmmakers to join this journey of creativity and collaboration to unite Europe one frame at a time. 

For more information, including submission guidelines and discount codes, please visit the Berlin Commercial and Conero Film + ADV websites. 

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