Ritwick Chakraborty and Saswata Chatterjee’s courtroom drama is entertaining and a one-time watch

Ritwick Chakraborty’s courtroom drama follows a linear and simplistic path and yet keeps us engaged due to performance

Adv. Achinta Aich review: Ritwick Chakraborty and Saswata Chatterjee’s courtroom drama is entertaining and a one-time watch

Ritwick Charaborty as Advocate Achinta Aich

Adv. Achinta Aich story:

Sarod exponent Pablo Dutta succumbs to a stab wound while his wife Malini Dutta (Surangana Bandyopadhyay) is seen with a bloody knife – the murder weapon. A reluctant lawyer Achinta Aich (Ritwick Chakraborty) defends her as celebrity lawyer Sitanath Ganguly fights as the prosecutor.

Adv. Achinta Aich review:

Adv. Achinta Aich is simple and engaging. It is not the finest or the most intense legal drama out there and it is far from being realistic. Yet, it exudes the charm of simplicity, wit, and humour that works.

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The first few episodes are well-written. The characters are convincing, definitely not just for the writing but also for the acting. The story flows- seamlessly through strong buildups of the characters. There are a few good scenes, including the one where Achinta meets Malini for the first time in a prison. Also, there are several highly dramatic moments – including the one where Pakhi (a primary eye witness) is interrogated in the court and where Achinta asks Debnath Dutta to come as a witness. It is also the dialogues – of Lakkhan (Debraj), Achinta, and others – that are fabulous.

Ritwick does his job brilliantly. While Saswata also offers an eye-catching performance, his character has no shades. It is one-dimensionally shrewd and after a point, becomes predictable and boring. Loknath Dey and Dulal Lahiri are strong and engaging. It is Surangana who deserves a special meditation. She is sublime. Malini’s fear, hesitance, helplessness, and every bit of femininity are channeled through her. And then there is Debraj. The outstanding actor that he is, he does not let any moment go without a laugh. He is hilarious and if Achinta Aich comes back for season 2, we will look forward to watching him more.

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There are falters and quite a lot of them. The script takes a nosedive by the end. The crime is shoddily wrapped up leaving very little time for the murderer to do their job. Many characters, especially Sitanath Ganguly, are simplistic.

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Adv. Achinta Aich verdict:

This is better than many of the medicare series on Hoichoi. It is engaging and surely a one-time watch. Go for it.


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