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PANAJI: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira on Saturday hit out at the ruling BJP for their “complete failure” that resulted in the death of a man who was attending the rally addressed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Mapusa on Friday.
Addressing a press conference organised by the INDIA alliance, to welcome the support of former Revolutionary Goans General Secretary who extended his support to the INDIA Alliance, Adv Ferreira said that the party failed to make proper arrangements for the rally and, if any arrangements were made for the Union Home Minister questioned why they were not extended to the participants when it was obvious that there was a medical emergency.
“When you are organising a rally like this, an ambulance needs to be on standby. A doctor needs to be on call, on standby. Doctor was not there, the ambulance was not there. I think it took one hour to take him to the hospital from the grounds in the ambulance. This is a complete failure of the organisers and they are responsible for this death. You can’t just get away by saying nothing could have been done,” Adv Ferreira said.
Revolutionary Goans General Secretary and Maem candidate Shrikrishna Parab along with his supporters announced support to the INDIA alliance on Friday.
Speaking on the issue of Revolutionary Goans, Adv Carlos said those who are not with the INDIA alliance are with the BJP.
“I make no allegations against anyone. Today we are the India Alliance and we have one motive and one motto which is to knock out the BJP. Either you are with us or you are not with us. If you are with us you are definitely going to be against the BJP. If you are not with us then with whom are you?” he said.

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