BMW Unveils Automated Shift Assistant Tech On R1300GS

BMW Motorrad is getting ready to enter the automated transmission game with their system called Automated Shift Assistant (ASA), designed to deliver an auto or manual clutchless experience. The technology was unveiled during an exclusive media event in Germany which included a live demonstration of the ASA system on an R1300GS.

ASA offers riders both an automatic and manual gear shifting mode. Unlike a conventional shift assistant, BMW says the technology features a design in which two electromechanical actuators automate the clutch and gearshift of the six-speed transmission. There is no need for a hand lever to operate the clutch manually. Starting, stopping, and maneuvering are all made with the Automated Shift Assistant.

BMW Unveils Automated Shift Assistant Tech On R1300GS

The rider’s shift request is transmitted to the control unit via a gearshift lever sensor, which is actuated by the conventional foot-operated gearshift lever. Additional sensors determine the revs of the transmission input shaft and the clutch position. These values are transmitted to the TCU (Transmission Control Unit), which is closely linked to the engine control unit, for control of the clutch and shift actuation.

In turn, the clutch is operated by an electro-mechanical actuator combined with a hydraulic system with a direct hydraulic connection between the clutch master and slave cylinders. The actuator regulates the required clutch slip, engages the clutch when changing a gear and disengages it when stopping.

BMW Unveils Automated Shift Assistant Tech On R1300GS

The system offers two modes. In manual shift mode “M,” gear changes can still be made by the foot lever, allowing the rider to maintain control over when to change gears. If the revs in the desired target gear are within the maximum or minimum rev range, shifting is performed through manual input. However, if the engine revs fall below a gear-dependent minimum speed, downshifts are performed automatically in manual mode to prevent the engine from stalling.

In auto shift mode “D” gear changes are performed automatically depending on ride mode, engine revs, throttle position and lean angle parameters. The system takes in all of these inputs and gear shifts occur at optimal times according to the riding situation and dynamic requirements.

BMW Unveils Automated Shift Assistant Tech On R1300GS

Given Honda’s success with their DCT-equipped Africa Twin it’s no surprise BMW wants to join the party as well. According to historical data, the demand for DCT technology remains strong. In 2023, DCT versions accounted for 49% of Africa Twin sales and more than 240,000 DCT-equipped Honda motorcycles have been sold across Europe since it was first introduced in 2009.

BMW hasn’t revealed the exact launch date of the ASA system to the public, nor what bike (s) will be equipped with it. However, during the exclusive media event, MCN says the development team hinted at the new tech debuting on a 1300 boxer machine during the second half of this year. 

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