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PANAJI: Claiming it to be a historical decision, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Goa President Adv Amit Palekar today said that the way Supreme Court of India has interpreted law to granted this interim bail shows that SC has upheld democracy and law.

“It is very historic decision. The way SC has interpreted law to grant this interim bail shows that the SC has upheld democracy and law. SC has realised that court has to interfere to uphold democracy,” said Palekar

Palekar said that BJP didn’t want Kejriwal to campaign for Lok Sabha election and hence he was put in jail.

“Whole idea to put him in jail was that he should not be available for campaigning for the INDIA bloc. It seems that the Supreme Court got to know the intention of BJP and hence he has been given interim bail,” Palekar said.

“Now our leader is free to campaign as he has to surrender on June 2. If regular bail is granted, then it will continue. But it is a big big win for truth. Nobody can stifle his voice,” Palekar said.

Palekar also said that the BJP is afraid of the rule of Karma “what goes around, comes around”. BJP will have to face their Karma. The enthusiasm of people can be seen on Delhi’s streets. BJP leaders are afraid, which is clear from their comments in interim bail of Arvind Kejriwal.

He said that BJP karyakartas have given wrong interpretation to the word “Bhakt”. We are celebrating release of democracy, people’s power and honesty. This celebration will continue. The order has clearly indicated.

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