DoubleTake’s Popular Off-Road Mirrors Get Major Upgrade For 2024

Life always looks clearer in the rear view, that is, until you’re looking into the mirrors of a motorcycle. Add the extra vibration of an off-road adventure and it’s often a blur, not to mention the heightened risk that those vulnerable stems on stock mirrors will snap right off the moment you clip a branch or your bike decides it needs a nap. 

Lucky for us, moto journalist and ex-Dakar racer Ned Suesse got so fed up with his bike’s stock mirrors breaking on the trail he created and patented a wonderful product more than a decade ago, DoubleTake mirrors, now a go-to solution for off-road riders around the world.

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors
The all-new DoubleTake mirrors take the old design to the next level, making them not only stronger and more stable but also more versatile, featuring an all-in-one mounting kit to fit almost any motorcycle.

Simple and robust, the mirrors use double RAM-style ball mounts, one that screws into the existing threaded hole on the handlebar and another at the mirror joint, making the units foldable for times when you’re in rough terrain and don’t need mirrors, and better yet, each mount’s arm will fold out of the way when pressure is applied — say you knock into a tree branch — rather than breaking. 

DoubleTakes have long been a favorite upgrade to adventure and dual sport bikes, and this year, after receiving a major revamp, a 2.0 version is available.

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors
The redesigned mount uses a bigger, much stronger ball which makes the joints 42% stiffer than before. The mirror also includes a lock washer that secures the ball in relation to the bike, preventing it from spinning lose in tough terrain

Founder Ned says the big goal of the revamp was to retain all the useful features of DoubleTake Mirrors while providing an even stronger and more stable solution. “We felt we could optimize the whole thing based on what we’ve learned over 14 years and that was our guiding principle: take something good, and make it better.”

The new balls are made using “no-crush technology” featuring a large diameter of aluminum core with a thin coating of high quality nitrile, so it stays round even under extended compression. The new design also keeps steady pressure on the arm to avoid movement.

One key improvement is how the DoubleTakes now come with universal all-in-one mounting hardware. In the past picking the right mounting kit for your bike model was an extra chore. The new universal kits come with all the necessary hardware, including different sized studs and threads to fit almost any motorcycle. The new hardware also allows you to adjust mirror height. 

The 2.0 kits rely on a simple 8mm Allen key to engage the new hex nut hardware, whereas with the old system you needed to use pliers to mount and tighten the balls down. The hex nuts allow you to crank the mounts down even tighter than before, while included lock washers help preserve that snug fit. 

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors
The new universal mounting system uses a standard M10 socket-head bolt. Every kit includes multiple bolts of various lengths and threads, to eliminate unsightly adapters and allow the mirror to fit any bike.

Another improvement comes from the use of stronger materials for the balls. With extended use, the RAM-branded units originally used in kits were prone to distortion after being tightened and untightened so many times, which could eventually make it difficult to lock the joints down securely. The new balls are made using “no-crush technology” that includes a large aluminum core and a thin nitrile coating that ensures they stay round. This aids in more precise adjustment and set-and-forget positioning as well. 

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors
Arm options are now longer (6″ and 3.5″). The shorter version is optimized for aggressive riders on smaller bikes, the longer one gives a greater view to the rear on bigger bikes and around luggage.

The base ball is now larger in diameter (1.125″ vs 1.0”) to provide more surface area, while the clamp that holds the ball now features a radial ridge surface instead of smooth one, which helps it grip the ball even more securely. The product material states the improved grip makes each unit 42% stiffer than the old base mount system. This of course results in fewer readjustments, yet won’t affect the way the mirrors pivot out of the way upon impact. 

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors
The mirror end of the arm is still compatible with various 1″ ball accessory mounts (i.e. GPS, camera, phone, etc).

In addition, the hand adjustment thumb is now 25% longer, providing more leverage when snuggling down the new base ball, however the original 1” ball at the top of the arm has been held over and remains compatible with a variety of 1” ball accessories such as GPS, camera and smartphone mounts. 

There have always been different arm lengths to choose from when ordering, but now those arms, both short and long styles, are slightly longer, which the company says will optimize rearward visibility. The long style allows riders of larger adventure bikes to see around panniers and top cases, while the shorter stalks are perfect for smaller dual sports. The new, more streamlined design uses a raised backbone to enhance stiffness in the arms without adding bulk. And those with concerns about weight gain from all the new, more robust hardware will be happy to know the new sets ended up weighing in a few ounces lighter on our scales. 

Three Different New Kits

Adventure: Longer for improved viewing sitting down with luggage on larger adventure bikes. Higher up in your view and more stable at speed. Good for bikes that are seeing a lot of street mileage.

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors

Enduro: Has the short stalks with longer mirrors. Optimized for those who like to tuck the mirrors down in rough terrain but still gives excellent visibility with the extended length mirrors on the road.

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors

Dual Sport: Smaller mirror attachment on smallest stalks. Easy to tuck away but they are also stable enough and out of the way so that you can just leave them up in rough terrain. 

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors

Of course the style of your bike might also sway the choice. For example, a classic-looking machine will look better with the round mirrors, while a bike with a modern aesthetic will be complemented by the more angular, Adventure style mirrors.  

For those who own previous versions of DoubleTake mirrors, you can purchase just the new ball base and arms while reusing the 1” upper ball accessory mount/mirror attachment. 

DoubleTake 2.0 Mirrors, Off-Road Motorcycle Mirrors

All DoubleTake Mirrors will still come with the company’s awesome warranty that offers full replacement of any broken mirrors. 

ADV Pulse has already received a set of the improved DoubleTake 2.0 mirrors for some early testing and right away we noticed the new larger base ball has a more durable and solid feel to it. The new clamp system also seems to lock in more smoothly right off the bat with a smoother adjustment action, and it takes a smaller amount of effort to tighten down. 

Stay tuned. We’ll have a full review up soon!

Author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for more than 30 years, testing the entire range of bikes for the major print magazines and specializing in adventure-travel related stories. To date she’s written and supplied photography for articles describing what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, receiving two Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writer’s Awards along the way. Her most-challenging adventure yet has been riding in the 2018 GS Trophy in Mongolia as Team AusAmerica’s embedded journalist.

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