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PANAJI: Congress claimed that the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had not only misled Goans but also the Bombay High Court in Goa regarding the issuance of Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cards.

Aldona MLA Carlos Ferreira claimed that when the case was brought up for hearing on May 6, the day before the Goa Lok Sabha elections, the ministry purposefully suppressed the April 30 corrigendum.

“On April 30, the corrigendum was made available; however, it was not made available on that day or the day after. It wasn’t made public until after the Goa elections, according to Ferreira. The HC was not even made aware of this correction by the Govt. It had an obligation to notify the HC. The HC cannot be duped. You have brought false documents into court, which is contempt of court.”

Ferreira stated that a clarification and notification of the MEA’s corrigendum to the court must be provided by the MEA, the government’s legal team, and the chief minister.

According to the corrigendum, the MHA is only debating whether to accept the revocation certificate. The Indian government has disregarded the corrigendum and behaved in contempt. Ferreira stated, “I don’t think the HC will let it go lightly.”

He claimed that the BJP had always intended to deceive Goan voters and instill a false sense of relief in those who had abandoned their Indian citizenship in favor of Portuguese nationality and in those who had only ever registered their birth in Portugal.

The chief minister and the BJP went around declaring that the problem had been resolved. The mystery remains unsolved. There is more to the problem than a revocation certificate. For those who registered their births in Portugal without intending to renounce their Indian nationality, we wanted a one-time amnesty,” Ferreira stated.

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