Replaced the entire clutch assembly on my KTM 250 ADV

The bike went in for its seventh service with just a little over 40,000 km on the odo.

BHPian advstreak recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Another day another service!

So the seventh service was done at 40,082 km. It would have been done a couple of weeks ago if not for work travels.

As planned stuck to Pakelo oil which holds its smoothness till around 5km. After that, the engine hints towards oil change. Let’s see for how long it lasts the second time.

Now I have started to get more into trail riding and this is the condition of the air filter at the time of service.

This filter was changed 3000 km before and this is the previous filter.

I plan to get the Way2Speed filter once they launch it for KTM. This is one of the few filters in the market that don’t require re-oiling after cleaning and can be cleaned via pressurized air.

Now coming to a major expense i.e the clutch plates. The mechanic in the first 10 meters of test riding the vehicle said that the clutch plates were gone. The clutch slips in the initial RPM and then engages. As soon as the mechanic said my friend who had rode my bike while returning from the breakfast ride confirmed the same. This went unnoticed by me due to the slow nature of wear and me attributing the loss of pickup in lower gear due to the slightly longer gearing because of the 45 teeth rear sprocket.

The mechanic got a dominant clutch assembly as KTM sells each component of the clutch assembly which tends to get more expensive compared to the whole clutch assembly sold by Bajaj.

I wondered why KTM sells individual parts instead of the whole clutch assembly. Even the service manual confirms the same. This led to me checking individual components to see if they needed replacement. The service manual is for Adventure 390 and I am assuming the same parameters apply to the 250 also.

So overall replacing the whole clutch assembly makes sense as figuring out which components are worn out is a tedious task.

The next service item is changing the cone set and upgrading the aux lights. This will probably get done in the next month or so.

Here are some random pics of the bike at random places.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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