New Voge SR1 ADV 125 – more interesting for CrossOver use

The SR1 ADV 125 strengthens its presence in the displacement that allows driving with a car license, after its debut with the 125R sports naked, followed by the SR1 multi-purpose scooter that continues to climb the sales rankings.

Precisely, the new SR1 ADV scooter has many points in common with the versatile city-road SR1, which it uses as a base, although it comes with important changes that make it even more interesting for CrossOver use, allowing you to go off-road on paths and tracks without too much difficulty.

The design has once again been designed by the genius Italian designer Massimo Zaniboni, abandoning the smooth and elegant shapes of the SR1 in favor of a completely new silhouette, with sharp edges that convey a marked aggressiveness. At the front, the narrow rectangular double-optic headlight stands out, following the style of high-cylinder sports bikes. Each lens features high-intensity LED spotlights for the high beam and dipped beam lights, with ‘eyebrow’ shaped light guides above the lens with a defiant attitude. The front is also home to the onboard video camera equipped as standard, with which you can immortalize your favourite adventure trips and share them with your friends. The indicators, also using LED technology, are attached to the bike using elastic brackets, just like on off-road bikes.

Completing the front view of the SR1 ADV is an enveloping smoked-tone windshield, which can be adjusted to different heights using two buttons on the left-hand switchgear.


At the rear, the LED optics adopt a light signature that takes us back to its ‘big sister’, the Voge SR4 Max, with an undulating light guide that increases in intensity when the brakes are applied.

The handlebar fairing has been abandoned in favor of a variable-section tube element (thicker in the central area, to increase its rigidity) that is also reminiscent of those used on trail and enduro bikes. As on motorcycles, the handlebar is fixed by a bridge that allows it to be adjusted to different positions to suit the rider’s ergonomics.

In front of the handlebars is a large color screen with much more information than on the SR1. To begin with, it connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth, displaying the incoming call indication on the screen, along with the phone number. It also includes simplified “turn-by-turn” GPS navigation, which indicates the direction to take to reach the destination using arrows and distances, without distracting the user too much. All this is rounded off with a tachometer, speedometer with large digits, full and partial odometer, consumption indicator, clock and graphic fuel and coolant temperature levels, with numerical value and overheating warning light.

The driving position allows for two different postures, with the feet resting on the horizontal or inclined platforms. Between these platforms, on both sides, is the central tunnel, inside which is the fuel tank with a capacity of 9 liters, one more than in the SR1, providing greater autonomy on “adventurous” journeys. The lid through which the fuel filler cap can be accessed is opened by pressing a button next to the ignition control, controlled by a proximity key that includes a button to locate the scooter and another to immobilize it in the event of theft. Next to the tank lid opening cap there is also another to open the seat and access the large cargo compartment with capacity for a full-face helmet and other small objects. The load capacity is completed with a glove compartment on the left side of the back shield, which includes a quick-charge USB socket.


The suspension also adapts to off-road use, with a fork with 31 mm sheaths, which increases its travel from 93 mm on the SR1 to 121 mm on this Voge SR1 ADV. At the rear, new oil-pneumatic shock absorbers with a separate gas reservoir have been adopted, which also increase their travel to 108 mm. As a result of this increase in suspension travel, the minimum ground clearance is raised by 20 mm, to protect against uneven terrain, without this affecting the seat height, which remains at an accessible 775 mm for any height.

The rims are of a new design, with 10n narrow arms that mimic spoke rims, keeping the same “medium wheel” sizes of 14 and 13 inches, as well as the tubeless tire section of 110/80 and 130/70, respectively at the front and rear, although now with a mixed design for road/terrain use. The 240 and 220 mm disc brakes are retained, accompanied by double and single piston floating calipers, with an independent dual channel ABS anti-lock system. The ABS modulator also incorporates TCS traction control to prevent rear wheel slippage when accelerating on surfaces with reduced grip.

Its compact long-stroke engine is an evolution of the one that the Voge SR1 debuted, with liquid cooling (side radiator) and consumption of 2.2 liters/100 km.

The new SR1 ADV went on sale this May in two colors, anthracite grey and red, at an exceptional price of €2,987, including a 5-year warranty.

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