Better Know a B1G: Adv. Stat Comparison Maryland Terrapins

This is the fourth in the series comparing some statistical rankings between BigTen opponents and UW. This week’s comparison is with the Maryland Terrapins. You can find the comparisons with Indiana here, Illinois here, and Iowa here.

Composite Ranking Comparison

Let’s start first by looking at the final ranking in the Massey Composite ( over the last 9 years.

The first note is that Maryland has improved a lot in the last few seasons. How much of that was due to just the QB play of Taulia Tagovailoa and how much is general improvement with the program is something we’ll see this fall.


You can see this also in the Simple Rating System, SRS, ( tries to rate and rank teams, not just in a season, but across seasons.

The results look similar to the Composite Ratings. Maryland has been on an upward trend for the last 5 seasons. Last year’s result was the best since Maryland joined the BigTen, and the best in 20 years.


Here’s a look at the F+ ratings for both teams. As a reminder, F+ is a combination of two advanced stats: FEI and SP+. This should be representative of most of the advanced stats.

This graph is also similar to the others above-showing improvement over the last few seasons.

Talent Comparison

Here is the talent comparison using the average rating by 247Sports for all of the scholarship players. (

Maryland improved their talent some, but they have held relatively steady over the last 6 seasons. UW has maintained a talent advantage, although it isn’t huge.

Final Thoughts

Despite having little improvement in talent, Maryland has definitely improved their performance on the field (as measured by the stats above). And, as mentioned above, how much of that improvement is due to the QB play over the last few years and whether that performance can continue is something that is to be determined.

UW doesn’t play Maryland this year, but they will be travelling to College Park in 2025. That could be a challenging game if Maryland continues to improve-especially being a long road trip for UW.

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