Adv Aloor to approach SC against HC verdict, says he feel pain of not being able to save an innocent person – KERALA – GENERAL


KOCHI: Lawyer BA Aloor appeared for Assam native Ameerul Islam, whose death sentence was upheld by the High Court in connection with the murder of a law student in Perumbavoor. After the HC verdict, Aloor said that Ameerul Islam is innocent in the case and someone else has committed the crime. He also stated that he will approach the Supreme Court against the verdict.

“All matters in the case have been presented to the court in detail. The medical evidence is that the child was abused. But it has been repeatedly stated in court that the accused was not the one who assaulted the child. The court has not been able to consider this a second time. A new investigation team headed by B Sandhya came and investigated and finally found Ameerul Islam as the accused. The investigation team is not ready to investigate the other people who are said to have been with him,” Aloor said.

“S Unni Rajan also did not want to investigate the others involved in the case. The case has not been investigated scientifically. Each aspect of the Supreme Court judgment should be examined. Everything has been enumerated in the appeal. I feel the pain of not being able to save an innocent person. It would be illegal to say that a small boy like Ameerul Islam, subjugated and raped a powerful person. The investigation team was not ready to investigate the crime committed by another person,” he added.

A law student from Perumbavoor was killed on April 28, 2016. The accused committed the crime by trespassing in the house of the woman. The post-mortem report stated that the woman was brutally raped. There were 38 wounds on the body of the woman. After the investigation, the accused was arrested on June 16 of the same year.

After months of trial, the trial court sentenced him to death. Against this, the accused filed an appeal in the High Court. He pleaded that he is innocent and the evidence against him was fabricated by the police. Scientific evidence was produced after his arrest. In his plea Ameerul said that someone else did the crime he had no prior acquaintance with woman and he should be acquitted.


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