Mitas Announces the Enduro-Trail XT ADV Tire

Hot on the heels of the Enduro-Trail XT+, Mitas has announced another new ADV tire, the Enduro-Trail XT, coming out in June 2024. It takes Mitas’ most aggressive off-road tire and dials it back just a notch, making it a 70% dirt, 30% pavement tire rather than 80/20 in the XT+.

“The ENDURO TRAIL-XT is designed for modern adventure riders who love to explore off-road trails but don’t want to sacrifice comfort and durability when hitting the roads,” said Gustavo Pinto Teixeira, Head of Mitas Motorcycle Tires, about the new Mitas adventure tire in a press release. It goes on to say:

Thanks to its scoop-shaped block tread pattern and unique compound formulation, the ENDURO TRAIL-XT tire delivers impressive performance on muddy trails and tough gravel roads while giving a smooth ride on asphalt roads and high-speed motorways. Classified as M+S, with up to T-speed rating and bi-directional, the ENDURO TRAIL-XT tire is designed to guarantee riders top off-road performance and long-lasting durability with easy handling and excellent stability on tarmac transfer sections.

The Enduro-Trail XT is a rear-only tire, designed to supplement the XT+ up front. This configuration may be good for a heavier adventure bike, or for riders with longer pavement transits from one trail to the next who don’t want to burn through an XT+ as quickly. Mitas says the XT has the same longitudinal scoop pattern as the outgoing E-10 that it replaces, in much the same way as the Enduro-Trail XT+ replaces the E-09.

As a rear-only tire, the Enduro-Trail XT is available in multiple sizes for 17- and 18-inch wheels. Like the XT+, it is available in both a standard heavy-duty version and a Dakar ultra-heavy-duty version, offering 20 percent more mileage and claiming to be “virtually puncture proof thanks to its reinforced carcass.” The announcement did not include pricing, so we’ll have to wait and see about that.

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