Details Emerge On Upcoming BMW R 1300 GS Adventure

It’s been almost a year since BMW announced their next-gen R 1300 GS, leaving fans of the flagship model anxiously awaiting news of the longer-range Adventure variant. Now, new details from Swedish homologation documents have been unearthed by confirming the much-awaited R 1300 GS Adventure will be coming as a 2025 model.

Among the drip of details shown by the government filings is also confirmation that the not-yet-released Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) system we recently reported on, will be offered as an option on both the standard and the Adventure version. If you are not happy about that piece of news, don’t panic. The traditional six-gear transmission is not going away, and will reportedly be a stock feature for both models.

Homologation documents reveal the 2025 GSA will debut with the new ASA system as an option.

In a nutshell, the ASA system is designed to deliver an auto or manual clutchless experience. BMW says the technology features a design in which two electromechanical actuators automate the clutch and gear shift of the six-speed transmission. The rider can choose between a manual mode, which allows gear changes by the foot lever as long as engine revs don’t fall below a gear-dependent minimum speed; or a completely automatic mode where gear shifts occur at optimal times according to the riding situation and dynamic requirements.

2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure coming

In the performance department, filings show the upcoming Adventure model’s 1,300cc boxer powerplant will offer the same peak power as the standard version, pumping out 143 hp @ 7,750 and 110 lb-ft @ 6,500 of torque. In addition, top speed of the Adventure model is listed at 137 mph (220 kph), which is slightly lower than the 140 mph (225 kph) top speed of the regular version. Not surprising, considering that the R 1250 GS also has a higher top speed than the heavier Adventure version.

Speaking of porkiness, the homologation filings only show the Adventure’s laden weight, which includes the bike with several accessories and a rider weighing 165 lbs. Dissecting that package weight, estimates the upcoming model will be 46 lbs heavier than the standard R 1300 GS, tipping the scale at around 569 lbs wet. As usual, the larger fuel tank is expected to contribute to the extra wet weight, however tank capacity specs are still unknown. And although the upcoming bike is far from light, it would be 22 lbs lighter than the current R 1250 GS Adventure model — a move in the right direction.

2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure coming
The R 1300 GS Adventure is expected to join the standard variant as a 2025 model.

The upcoming R 1300 GS Adventure is also expected to feature a stronger swingarm based on data showing a boost in weight capacity plus documents also reveal the new bike will tower the standard model by 6.4 inches (162 mm). This is expected to be due to the new adventurer offering a taller suspension and windscreen than the standard model. Homologation data also reveals the R 1300 GS Adventure will be more compact than the latest standard model, featuring an overall length of 86.9” vs 87.1” and a wheelbase of 59.4” vs 59.8”.

More details are likely to drip as the big reveal date approaches, which is expected to happen later this year. We’ll keep you posted as new information comes in.

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