BMW R 1300 GS: Here Are Top Reasons That Puts ADV Bike on Top Spot in Segment

After ruling the ADV segment for years with R 1250 GS, the top player BMW Motorrad is now back with something bigger and better, the all-new R 1300 GS. The model has been released in India a few days back at the price tag of Rs 20.95 lakh (ex-showroom).

The company has invested some good efforts in the model and made it a completely new motorcycle, overshadowing the previous version. All credit goes to new technology, powers, capabilities, riding quality, features, and whatnot. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. This is the current scene with newly joined member family members as a brand has high hopes for the latest offering.

BMW R1300 GS. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

Recently, the team CNN-News18 Auto has tested the newly added model in the fleet and put it ordeal on the world’s toughest terrain in Leh Ladakh. In this detailed article, we will try to pen down top pointers, mentioning why R 1300 GS could be the wise choice if looking for an ADV bike under the price range between Rs 20 to Rs 21 lakh.

Biggest Update


The company has some impressive enhancements at its heart. The motorcycle now uses a robust 1300cc engine. This unit is 6.5 kg lighter as compared to the 1250 GS, reducing the overall weight. It generates an extra 8 bhp and 5 Nm more torque, making it a total of 143 bhp and 149Nm, while the redline remains unchanged at 9,000 rpm.

BMW R1300 GS. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

The newly designed engine feels punchy even at the highest altitudes around 17,000 feet above sea level. The exhaust note sounds quite aggressive as compared to the 1250 GS.

Design Highlights

If you are willing to invest a huge amount in a motorcycle, why settle for ugly looks? In terms of design, the company has mastered the art and made the newly launched R 1300 GS completely treat to the eyes. It comes with all the elements, which anyone could ask for. It has been treated with a dominating stance and appealing road appearance.

The latest model has ditched the company’s signature style asymmetrical headlight design. Instead, it gets an LED matrix unit with 47 LEDs on board. It helps the riders to have an illuminated path, wherever the handle moves.

BMW R1300 GS. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

The latest R 1300 GS has been built on a steel chassis with an aluminum subframe, cutting an extra kilogram from the overall weight. This makes it even more easy to ride on multiple terrain. To put an extra feather to its cap, the company has included a knuckle guard at both ends with integrated turned indicators. It offers a safe and secure riding experience to the customers.


It might take the whole day to explain the list of features in R 1300 GS. Let’s cut it short and talk about only some cool ones. It gets an improved 6.5-inch TFT display, allowing the rider to monitor all the bike-related information such as gear positioning, riding model, speed, RPM, fuel efficiency, and whatnot. It also has height adjustment features (only in top models), an Adaptive cruise control model, ADAS, handle heating function, electrically adjustable front wisor, traction control, and suspension damping among others.

BMW R1300 GS. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

Apart from this, customers also can enjoy electrically connected panniers with charging sockets inside. It helps the riders to charge all their gadgets while on the go.

BMW R1300 GS. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

Despite having an overall weight of 237 kg, it is very easy to put it on the main stand, all thanks to the Jacking it function. Once the feature is engaged, it lifts the bike from the back itself and gets the job done without asking much effort.

Riding and handling

If you have ridden the 12500 GS, the updated avatar might leave you with an open mouth as it feels less heavy and more agile with extra comfort. All the credit goes to the over 12 kg weight deduction.

The Telelever Evo suspension at the front makes a more rooted no matter if it is running on bumpy roads or rough patches. The 850 mm seat is big enough to accommodate riders comfortably, and won’t hurt the back during long journeys.

BMW R1300 GS. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)


We feel the latest R 1300 GS has been released to serve a purpose, catering to a specific target audience. If you are someone who loves to go on an adventure and likes to ride on extreme road conditions, then it surely deserves consideration under the price range between Rs 20 lakh to Rs 21 lakh.

BMW R1300 GS. (Photo: Shahrukh Shah/News18)

From delivering fantastic performance on rough terrains to making you feel secure during off-road challenges, the newly launched R 1300 GS tasks all the responsibility effortlessly. It has been given all the capabilities to fight against all odds.

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