Yamaha Unveils Automated Manual Transmission For Upcoming Bikes

And then there were three. In just over a month, BMW, KTM and now also Yamaha have revealed they are entering the automated transmission arena long-occupied by Honda. Called the Y-AMT or Automated Manual Transmission, Yamaha’s system is designed to deliver consistently linear shifts without the need for a manual clutch lever.

Yamaha Unveils Automated Manual Transmission Y-AMT For Upcoming Motorcycles

The Y-AMT system offers the rider a fully automatic (AT) and manual (MT) mode which can be selected through a switch on the handlebars. With MT, shifts are controlled with the index finger and thumb, via two see-saw shifting levers – a plus lever for upshifts and a minus lever for downshifts. For greater control in sportier riding, the plus lever can also be pulled to shift up and pushed to shift down with the index finger alone, offering greater freedom, as there is no need to remove the thumb from the handlebars.

Yamaha Unveils Automated Manual Transmission Y-AMT For Upcoming Motorcycles

Using AT Mode, you can choose between two settings to suit different riding scenarios – easily switchable at any time via the dedicated MODE button. D+ MODE offers a sporty gear change by shifting later in the rev range to maintain the thrill of the ride while still offering the benefits of a fully automatic transmission. D MODE delivers a softer gear shift experience, while maintaining a low rpm, to maximize confidence during low speed, urban riding and maneuverability. While in AT, you can also choose to shift manually at any time by simply using the see-saw shift levers.

Yamaha Unveils Automated Manual Transmission Y-AMT For Upcoming Motorcycles

So what’s the riding experience like? According to Yamaha, their technology maximizes the power characteristics of their crossplane-concept engine designs and sportiest ride modes. In fact, they note that the Y-AMT delivers shifts with more consistent speed and precision than even the latest quickshifter.

“With Y-AMT, you don’t have to move your left foot from the footpeg, allowing you to instead focus on body position and weight distribution through the pegs in order to enhance the control of your motorcycle, especially in cornering,” says Yamaha.

Yamaha Unveils Automated Manual Transmission Y-AMT For Upcoming Motorcycles

Considering Honda’s success with their DCT-equipped Africa Twin, it’s not surprising that other manufacturers want to join the party. In 2023, DCT variants constituted 49% of Africa Twin sales, and over 240,000 DCT-equipped Honda motorcycles found buyers across Europe since their initial introduction in 2009. 

Yamaha has not given an exact date for the release of their Y-AMT but says the system will debut soon on several motorcycle models. Given the specific mention of its application on their crossplane-plane engines, it is expected to make an appearance on their 900 triples as well as models like the Tenere 700. Whether such a bike will be able to achieve the success of Honda’s DCT-equipped Africa Twin remains to be seen.

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