Traction eRag Working On New “Cross Training ADV” Camp

If you have an adventure bike and you want to improve your off-road skills, then Traction eRag has heard your cries of moto-inadequacy, and has a plan to help. The irreverent crew of tour guides and skills trainers says they are working on a new “Cross Training ADV” camp, running late this summer.

The idea is this: The basic skills of balance, clutch control, throttle control and body position are the same no matter what size your bike is. Traction eRag’s crew will teach you these skills on an enduro bike (which they provide as part of the program) and then you can go home and put those skills to use.

Here’s what the program covers, according to the eRag site:

  • Bike setup for off-road use
  • Default body position
  • Weight distribution
  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Static balance
  • Lifting your motorcycle properly
  • Full lock turns
  • Head position
  • Braking techniques (basic and advanced)
  • Turn initiation
  • Basic and advanced cornering
  • Weight/deweight
  • Unloading the front wheel
  • Basic obstacle crossing techniques
  • 180 turns in small spaces
  • Hill climbs and descents
  • Trail riding
  • Skill based games and challenges!

The five-day training camp will run in British Columbia, Canada sometime around the end of August and start of September. Organizers are still working out some details.

To take part, you must apply (see their site here) and if you’re accepted, you get a detailed list of what gear to bring. They emphasize that you want dirt bike gear, not heavy-duty ADV kit. When the camp runs, you’ll fly from your home to Vancouver International aiport (that airfare isn’t included in the price). From there, you’ll fly to Traction’s local airstrip (that airfare is included). Six nights’ lodging is included in the price, and your breakfast, trail lunch and dinner. The all-inclusive price is $4,475. For more info, check out their site here.

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