Better Know a B1G: Adv. Stat Comparison Ohio State Buckeyes

This is the next in the series comparing some statistical rankings between BigTen opponents and UW. This week’s comparison is with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Husky fans should be familiar with the Buckeyes. UW last played them in the 2019 Rose Bowl

Here’s a list of the previous teams covered:

Composite Ranking Comparison

We again start by looking at the final rankings in the Massey Composite ( over the last 9 years between the teams.

Ohio State has been a consistently great team in the last decade. They’ve finished in the top 10 every year, and in the top 4 in 8 of the last 9 seasons. They made the 4-team playoffs 5 times, including winning it in 2014 and losing in the championship game to Alabama in 2020.

Notably, last year was the only year when UW finished ranked higher than Ohio State. (In 2016, when UW last made the playoffs, UW finished #4 while Ohio State was #3. Ohio State lost to Clemson in the other semi-final that season.)


Here is the picture in the Simple Rating System, SRS, (

Again this shows that Ohio State has been consistently great. This view has UW over Ohio State in 2016, but below them last season.


Here’s a look at the F+ ratings for both teams. As a reminder, F+ is a combination of two advanced stats: FEI and SP+. This should be representative of most of the advanced stats.

This comparison looks similar to the others, although it has Ohio State above UW every year.

Talent Comparison

Here is the talent comparison using the average rating by 247Sports for all of the scholarship players. (

If the other graphs were hard to look at, this one should be even worse. Not only has Ohio State’s talent been better-and improving, but it is substantially better. And with the way they have been recruiting in the 2024 class, the 2024 transfer class, and now the 2025 class, this will not be changing any time soon.

And UW fans who follow recruiting know all-too-well that Ohio State is a better draw for recruits. UW has lost several recruits recently to Ohio State including Dominc Kirks, Lincoln Kienholz, J.T. Tuimoloau, and Emeka Egbuka. Maybe with UW being in the BigTen, they’ll be able to retain more talent like that; but as long as Ohio State continues to perform at the level they’ve been at, that is going to be very attractive for a lot of recruits.

Final Thoughts

Despite that consistently great performance by Ohio State over the last decade, there are some concerns there. And those start with losing to arch-rival Michigan the last 3 years. (Losing 3 in a row to an arch-rival, where have I heard that before?) And despite those great performances, they only one the national championship once-and that was a decade ago. Most fan bases would be THRILLED with that kind of performance, but now the mantra in Columbus (for this year) appears to be “natty or bust”.

UW is not scheduled to play Ohio State this season, but the Buckeyes will be at Husky Stadium for the 2025 season. UW doesn’t travel to Columbus until the 2028 season. Hopefully Fisch and his staff will be able to build the team back up to where those games can be competitive.

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